[CWG-Stewardship] RFP3 Notes, Transcript, Recording 19 Jan 21:00 UTC

Brenda Brewer brenda.brewer at icann.org
Wed Jan 21 00:43:51 UTC 2015

Hello all,


The notes, recordings and transcripts for the RFP3 call on 19 January at 21:00 UTC are available




Notes 19/1

Composition (page 2)

*       How is the names community defined? Symantic distinction - maybe revert back to 'other MS

*       CSC focused on direct customers, but with a small number of representatives of other
groups/organizations bringing specific expertise to the group (e.g. SSAC, RSSAC). 

*       Currently customers already review IANA reports and information and report back accordingly.
No barriers to issues being raised or brought forward, but focus should be on customers and
technical function. 

*       CSC may not need to meet for more than once every year or every two years

*       Functions of CSC should be narrowly focused

*       1 non-customer representative, possibly drawn from MRT (liaison that could also speak on
behalf of broader non-customer base?)

*       CSC would not be the new authorization function - would meet monthly to have a quick check
of reports and if there are any issues, discuss how to resolve these (as currently already happens)
by speaking directly to IANA. Only if issues are not resolved would these be escalated to MRT (no
ability to interrupt / delay any IANA services). 

*       Proposal - min of 2 ccTL registry reps/ min of 2 gTLD registry reps, with others able to opt
in over time. 

How will the member seats on the CSC be allocated?

*       By CWG or MRT? Or by registries?

*       Registries (gTLD/ccTLD) should allocated registry seats.

*       SSAC/RRSAC/MS seats - consider a similar model as used by SSAC? Consider applications based
on skills/expertise including peer review. 

*       Selection process driven by those that have seats on CSC including some form of selection /

*       Observers should be allowed (e.g. mailing list publicly archived, meeting recordings made

*       Should ccTLD registry representative seats be allocated by region? - up by each group (gTLD
registies/ccTLD registries) to determine how many representatives are needed and whether any
geographic diversity is required. 

Term length and limits

*       Term limit could be aligned with contract cycle - e.g. if term is 5 years, minimum term
should be 5 years. 

How will decisions be made?

*       What would CSC be voting on? Possibly when to escalate something to MRT - but generally it
would be expected to be rough consensus driven without any need for votes. 


*       Is there anything that this group could do that is beyond its remit? Capture needs to be
looked at on a case by case basis. CSC has oversight role, escalation and reporting - what would be
there to be captured?

Site visits

*       Are part of the current contract - should these be continued by CSC or MRT? Are these still

 Action Items:  None


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