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Mon Apr 13 19:34:36 UTC 2015

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The notes and recordings for the CWG IANA DT-A Meeting #2 on 13 April are available here:


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Action Items

Action IANA get some more material in writing 


DTA , awaiting approval from ICANN for release flowchart diagram

Last Week call,

Paul, Kim Davies, Elise Gehrich. Initial conversation around report presented. Some questions around
procedures. Need for more detailed. 

DIPD process kicked-off, in the standard process

Paul K advised he talked to NTIA legal, 

Detailed workflow, explains some of the questions around details in DT-A document

In meantime IANA staff (Kim) looked at the document and identified some additional issues.

IANA received document 1.5 weeks ago. Look at it from implementation perspective.

Challenge with simplified workflow.

Challenge of simplified workflow, does not capture corner cases, which drive the deviations

Jay: when flowchart is released, discuss workflow again

Bernie: Last week Elise submitted, be clear Kim had offered to participate in DTA 

Issue around the percentage. 

Difficulty to understand origin of he percentages. Example over last year 80 change request per
month. With such low number 99% efectively means 100 %

If monthly SLE,

Jay: Highlight which percentages are causing issues,

Issues with performance 

Kim: Description of  some of the services are not clear to ICANN staff.

Unclear what is intended to encapsulate

Jay: easy to provide clarity

Percentage are related to expectation of automation, those who are not linked to automation are

Kim: some of the metrics are activities currently not undertaken

How do measure when sms or mail are received

Paul K" What would be helpful, what is used

Jay: Measuring is pretty standard way of doing things, to measure the customer experience.

Kim: Clarification is useful to understand viability of measures

Other issues

Lack of specificity of services

Change to technical contact

How to go from 15 days to several hours, need

Paul :

Issue only focused on automated interface, some are not

New services being developed, authorization services

Kim adding new contacts, presented in Singapore, needs community consultation and need to go

Broader issue,, how does SLE are revised to support new functionality

Paul K Authorization could be removed, if not introduced before the transition

Some of the elements in SLE are not contracted functions i.e. are not overseen by NTIA,

Implement some functions for others ( for example RIR), affect Root zone

Driven by IETF action 

Paul K: invites IANA staff to work to go through document

Bernie: need to clear up some of the unclarity. Need to work collaboratively on the document

Jay: IANA offer was received and acknowledged. At the time it was taken up in order to allow the
group to get 

Paul: IANA staff is welcomed to complete task

Next steps:

IANA staff relative to some of the issues, while wait for DIDP 

Jay: IANA is advising the group, not as participant

Action IANA get some more material in writing 


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