[DTA - SLE] SLE Document with clarifying background info.

Kim Davies kim.davies at icann.org
Thu Apr 16 00:09:47 UTC 2015

Hi Paul, Hi all,

(I am not on the DT-A mailing list, so Bart/Bernie, if this submission is not accepted please forward on if necessary)

> Thanks for your time today.
> To ensure we are all discussing/making changes to the same document - please see
> the attached link - all edits should only be to this document going forward.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VMLsaL4z2OmnAsI6RFwbO0v2iE4YqJGSw4v53qtr_Lg/edit?usp=sharing
> Kim, we look forward to your constructive comments and rest assured we are very
> willing to bring this to satisfactory conclusion asap.  We are fully aware the
> SLE is being relied upon by other design teams within the CWG and needs to be
> concluded before transition so we can all return to our day jobs. :-) 

Please find attached a redlined version of the document I downloaded from the above link. Most of them are comments, rather than edits, as clarifications of the intent are needed before I think I could propose useful text. I looked at it through a lens of implementability, plus trying to view it through what I think was intended based on other discussions on this topics I’ve had with TLD managers over the years.

I hope this is helpful in surfacing some of the practical issues we may face measuring along these criteria.


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