[SLE Team] Thanks and close to final draft

Paul M Kane - CWG paul.kane-cwg at icb.co.uk
Thu Aug 20 19:38:41 UTC 2015

Dear All

Thank you for the calls this week - I think it is excellent we are so close to
finishing this.

Please note Kim and Adam and Bernie have all been amazing at getting us this far
and it is now up to us all to work with the sub-team to bring this to closure asap.

As we discussed, the desire was to publish the current document and work
with IANA to fine tune the language so you each see the document and suggest any
changes you wish.

I have updated the version of the document I circulated to the group with the
latest comments. As time is short and it would be great to ratify the document
during our call next week - (time to be determined). 

I have tried to capture Jeff's "no queue jumping" language, recognising that
there may be instances where change requests need to be taken out of order by
IANA, in which case they are documented.

Another issue that has arisen during the CWG call this evening has been an SLE
for Emergency situations. 
IMHO we need to trust IANA to operate efficiently and to document such instances
and why it took the time it did. In the past when such situations have arisen
they have been efficient. So I have tried to include draft wording for your
review that describes an assumption..... is that ok?

Finally, as per the call, I have attempted to document the next phases - this
does need IANA's input as it is mainly their internal processes for system



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