[SLE Team] FINAL - Agreed text for IANA Service Level

Paul M Kane - CWG paul.kane-cwg at icb.co.uk
Fri Aug 28 02:52:28 UTC 2015

Dear all

Thank you for your dedication to this important piece of work.  I was delighted
with our call when we unanimously agreed the expected IANA Service Levels in a
post transition world.

I believe the attached captures the amendments suggested.  

I'd like to once again thank Kim, Bernie and Adam for their hard work, members
of the Working Group for taking the time to develop this document and all ICANN
staff for being available to assist us when needed.

I propose to give everyone the opportunity to review the attached (comments
welcome over the week-end) and come Monday (in UK) I'll circulate this document
widely to conclude this part of the transition journey.  You are all invited to
do the same.

The dt1 list will remain open for group discussions if needed as ICANN/IANA
develop the practical implementation of this SLE.

Have a great w/end all and thanks again.



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