[DTA - SLE] 8th June, 2000hrs UTC - SLE call - TODAY

Paul M Kane - CWG paul.kane-cwg at icb.co.uk
Mon Jun 8 18:57:46 UTC 2015

Thanks Jay and Jeff for your comments.

Following further comments received today from both DTA and also CWG members.

We have held further discussions with IANA and I am pleased to attach both a
tracked changes doc and also a clean version of a statement I hope we will be
able to adopt at today's call.  

The amendments are all minor but improve the language of
the statement.

Speak later (in approx 1 hour)



Quoting Grace Abuhamad <grace.abuhamad at icann.org>:

> Thanks Jeff. Yes, there will be a recording and transcript. We will post
> these to the Wiki and send the link to the mailing list following the
> call. 
> On 6/8/15, 10:21 AM, "Jeff Neuman" <jeff.neuman at comlaude.com> wrote:
> >All,
> >
> >Apologies as I will not be able to make the call  Will there be a
> >recording?  I just want to state my support for the statement we have
> >crafted and for the work of the DT.  I will arrive in BA on the Friday
> >and am available if you all need me.
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Best regards,
> >
> >Jeffrey J. Neuman
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> >Subject: 8th June, 2000hrs UTC - SLE call - TODAY
> >
> >Dear all
> >
> >May I remind you that we have an SLE Design Team call with IANA at
> >2000hrs today.  ICANN will you please send out the dial-in details.
> >
> >Over the last few days, I have been drafting a statement which, I hope,
> >captures the progress to date of this Design Team in it's productive
> >relations with IANA and ICANN in developing the Service Level
> >Expectations document.
> >
> >I have taken the liberty of discussing this draft statement with IANA and
> >ICANN staff and they are in agreement with its contents.  I would
> >appreciate it if you would give it your consideration and I recommend the
> >attached statement for your approval and its inclusion in the CWG
> >proposal.
> >
> >May I propose the following Agenda for today's call:
> >
> >i) Update from Kim, and Adam on progress of formulating an acceptable SLE
> >
> >ii) An agreement from the Working Group to work with IANA staff to
> >capture all of IANA's processes and complete the SLE after the 8th June.
> >
> >iii) Approval of a statement from the SLE Design Team to be included in
> >the Proposal (attached).
> >
> >iv) Volunteers to give Presentations for participants at ICANN meeting in
> >BA interested in the work of the SLE Working Group.
> >
> >v) Any other business.
> >
> >
> ><><>
> >
> >Many thanks
> >
> >Best
> >
> >Paul
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