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Date:  Monday, June 8, 2015 at 5:57 PM
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Subject:  [CWG-Stewardship] Notes and Recordings  DT-A | 08 June

Dear all, 
The notes and recordings for the CWG IANA DT-A Meeting #4 on 08 June are
available here:  
Kind regards,
Welcome chair DTA

Change of working format

CWG needs to endorse approach suggested by DTA

To be raised by Paul

1) Update from Kim, and Adam on progress of formulating an acceptable SLE

Jay Dailey on the call

Kim Davies: Green light to Evolve Document and needs further development.
The draft circulated calls out principles

Adam:  Question to group: Group agree to work together post 8 June 2015?

Post June 8 deadline?

What is standing of the group post 8 June. once the CWG has completed its

Note work continue under CWG umbrella

Jay: Customer needs to be involved in the discussions

Conclusion: Adam and Kim will continue to work and report to group on a
weekly basis 

iii) Approval of a statement from the SLE Design Team to be included in the
Proposal (attached).

Run through of the document by Bernie Turcotte

Background section 

Change word suggesting, -> recommending

No objection (accepted)


Jeff Ackhaus: Last sentence: not clear to what wide time window is referring

Only recently, some participant raise that NTIA SLA should be used. Not
acceptable to DTA: NTIA no longer part post transition. SLA no longer fit
for purpose.

Clarifying language may needed.

Principle section

Paragraph 1. No comments

2. No comments

Patricio: should be reported by IANA. Should external parties be alowed be

Raw data is already made available. Should be re-iterated.



Elaine: it is confusing

Jay: Rewrote section. Initial rlevance was for analysis. Not strong enough
meaning.. Attempt to  narrow, focus on customers. Critical measures was
already in

Kim: Distinction between what IANA is to measure and report on and threshold
for none compliance

Community should define what it considers relevant versus threshold measures
(critical metrics)

Patricio: Relevant data is data that should be checked for compliance.

Question: Relevant what is deemed relevant for community.

Kim: guard against that every is measured is part of threshold

Analysis for customer service

Proposed wording

insert word " customer"  -> customer critical metrics

4. Clear definition

No Comments

5 Definition of thresholds

Jay: should be set on 'Initial" data

Include "Initial"

Threshold should be set against expected service level.

Starting point is what IANA is doing.

Currently estimation of what DT A thinks is reasonable. Now need to be
cautious, to set wrong expectations. Based on actual data, not prescribe

Definition of threshold taken on board, but measurement are needed

Specific Threshold undefined an define until data has been collected

Alternatively: set threshold but note it needs to be underpinned later

Include word Initial in document, and include in SLE it self additional

6. Review Process

No Comment

7. Regular Reporting

Near real time seems excessive

Add "As and when collected" after real time

Section Capturing status-quo

Paragraph 1.  No comments

Paragraph A:  No comments

Paragraph B:  No comments

Paragraph C:  No comments

Paragraph D:  No comments


Monitoring Past Performance

Minor grammatical error

Jay: Use of the word registry  to refer is confusing (IANA also registry),
registry needs to be ameneded


Omit text to clarify need to clarify needs to


No comments

Comments of Members

Elaine Supported with edits

Jeff: Ibidem

Patricio: supported

Jay: supported

Paul: supported

Move forward to CWG to be included

v) Volunteers to give Presentations for participants at ICANN meeting in BA
interested in the work of the SLE Working Group.

Invite members DTA to present for various groups


Jeff: Will be at the meeting _> gTLD registry

Patricio: present LACTLD and at ccNSO

Jay: Tech day

Slides: prepare standard slide deck


Conclude edits today

Closure 21.03 UTC


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