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Hi Paul

Thanks for that.

Just a reminder that we agreed that IANA and Adam will send us the draft weekly so that we can track progress.

I also don’t fully agree with point 7 that IANA must be comfortable with the thresholds.  There may be some aspects that we as customers just have to insist upon despite any discomfort from IANA.


> On 11/06/2015, at 11:08 pm, Paul M Kane - CWG <paul.kane-cwg at icb.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear all
> I am pleased to advise we are making good progress now... and in light of the
> winding down of the CWG - to ensure our work is empowered to continue as
> discussd last week, may I propose that we rename DT-A - the SLE Ad-hoc Working
> Group  (SLE WG).
> 1) The CWG has the work of the SLE Design Team as a Community initiative in the
> proposal - I ask that Design Team will be renamed to SLE Ad-Hoc Working Group
> (SLE WG).
> 2) IANA and Adam (my guy) are going to refine the SLE and then present that to
> the WG for adoption (approx 4 weeks to finish).
> 3) Once agreed, IANA will develop an Implementation plan (2 weeks) including an
> internal ICANN request for Technical Resources.
> 4) The Implementation plan needs NTIA approval (Kim and I will work with NTIA to
> secure approval) - 2 weeks.
> 5) Once NTIA has approved, the resources to extract the times needed will be
> deployed.- 1 month
> 6) IANA will then for 2 to 3 months run a trial capturing real world transaction
> information and provide that to the WG
> 7) With real world data (that IANA is comfortable with) - we will populate the
> agreed thresholds for the SLE.
> 8) With the SLE data specified (Jan/Feb 2016), the SLE will be in place and
> ready for the Implementation Phase.Checking of the SLE during the Implementation
> Phase 
> 9) SLE in place from the date of Transition !
> Hope this is helpful
> Best
> Paul
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