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As the person tagged with the responsibility for overseeing ICANN's
development of the code associated with implementing the SLEs (among other
things), I'd just like to point out that the implementation of this hasn't
really been discussed, either internally within the development team or
with NTIA (at least by ICANN).  We've discussed the SLEs for IANA's
component of Root Zone Management on a very interim level within the IANA
team, and the development team leader has been involved in discussions
relating to some of the metrics we'll likely want to start capturing, but
that is the extent of it so far.  It may also be worth pointing out that
other operational communities are working on SL{A,E}s that will impact
implementation schedules.

I'm also a bit curious: since implementation of root zone changes involves
more than ICANN, has the Root Zone Maintainer been involved in the
development of these SLEs and been equally committed by others to the
implementation plan described below?

I had thought the plan was to maintain the existing SLAs as defined by
NTIA and the IETF until after the transition and then to evolve those SLAs
to meet the community (not just the names community) requirements. Was I

I'd note that Paul's estimate of how long the implementation of the names
SLEs will take for this single recommendation may help inform the CWG in
forming its full implementation timeline which is due to ICG.


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>Thanks Paul.  Let me make sure I understand correctly.
>1. In the next 4 weeks:  DT-A & IANA will develop an SLE framework and
>obtain approval by the SLE WG.
>2. In the following 2 weeks: IANA will develop an implementation plan.
>3. In two weeks after that, you and Kim will seek NTIA approval to test
>and implement the plan.
>4. In the next month, the resources to extract the times needed will be
>5. In 2-3 months after the ability to extract times, proposed SLEs will
>be tested by IANA in cooperation with the SLE WG.
>6. The SLE is completed at this point.
>7. In the Jan/Feb 2016 timeframe the implementation phase will begin. The
>Implementation Phase will confirm the thresholds are reasonable or
>identify which (if any) need reconsideration based on real world
>8. The SLE will be in place at the time of transition.
>9. Post transition the CSC and IANA work together on SLE review.
>I tried to figure out where the two community check points fit into this
>but had trouble doing that.
>What will the communication check points entail?
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>Thanks Chuck
>Yes - the plan is that we have an SLE in place from the start of the
>transition, developed by IANA and SLE WG but ICANN/IANA need to be
>confident that the thresholds are reasonable and that there is a
>mechanism in place to review them after the transition - that the role of
>the CSC.  
>That's the end goal but how to get there......?
>In the next month or so the SLE framework should be completed (without
>thresholds being specified).
>We need to ask NTIA for permission to run tests to help populate the
>which is a pre-implementation phase and community check point (1).
>The pre-implementation phase needs to be based on real-world testing and
>statistics gathering upon which the thresholds will be determined by IANA
>working with the SLE WG.
>The SLE is then completed and before being finalized there will be a
>short period of community check point (2) for the purpose of checking
>that all issues have been addressed.  The SLE will then be submitted
>along with the rest of the proposal to NTIA for review...and if approved
>progresses to the Implementation Phase.
>The Implementation Phase will confirm the thresholds are reasonable or
>identify which (if any) need reconsideration based on real world
>Post transition the CSC and IANA work together on SLE review.
>Hope I've answered your questions.
>Quoting "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes at verisign.com>:
>> Paul,
>> Mostly this looks pretty good to me but there is one thing that is
>> different than what I understood from discussions earlier this week.
>> My understanding was that the CSC would consider the SLEs proposed by
>> the SLE WG after it is formed, i.e., after the transition occurs and
>> that the SLEs would hence be implemented after the transition.  I note
>> in your item 9) below: " SLE in place from the date of Transition ".
>>Which is correct?
>> I personally like the idea of the SLEs being in place at transition,
>> but if that is going to be the case I think there needs to be some
>> check point(s) with the community including direct customers during
>> the implementation process to ensure that the final SLEs are
>> acceptable.  I raised this issue in the CWG call on Tuesday and
>> understood that those check points would not be needed before
>> transition because the CSC would be dealing with this after transition.
>> I don't think resolution of this is needed now but it certainly is
>> needed before the implementation process is started.
>> Chuck
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>> Dear all
>> I am pleased to advise we are making good progress now... and in light
>> of the winding down of the CWG - to ensure our work is empowered to
>> continue as discussd last week, may I propose that we rename DT-A -
>> the SLE Ad-hoc Working Group  (SLE WG).
>> 1) The CWG has the work of the SLE Design Team as a Community
>> initiative in the proposal - I ask that Design Team will be renamed to
>> SLE Ad-Hoc Working Group (SLE WG).
>> 2) IANA and Adam (my guy) are going to refine the SLE and then present
>> that to the WG for adoption (approx 4 weeks to finish).
>> 3) Once agreed, IANA will develop an Implementation plan (2 weeks)
>> including an internal ICANN request for Technical Resources.
>> 4) The Implementation plan needs NTIA approval (Kim and I will work
>> with NTIA to secure approval) - 2 weeks.
>> 5) Once NTIA has approved, the resources to extract the times needed
>> will be
>> deployed.- 1 month
>> 6) IANA will then for 2 to 3 months run a trial capturing real world
>> transaction information and provide that to the WG
>> 7) With real world data (that IANA is comfortable with) - we will
>> populate the agreed thresholds for the SLE.
>> 8) With the SLE data specified (Jan/Feb 2016), the SLE will be in
>> place and ready for the Implementation Phase.Checking of the SLE
>> during the Implementation Phase
>> 9) SLE in place from the date of Transition !
>> Hope this is helpful
>> Best
>> Paul
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