[DTA - SLE] Adding Adam to the miling list and general update

Paul M Kane - CWG paul.kane-cwg at icb.co.uk
Thu Jun 18 13:28:22 UTC 2015

Bernie, thank for the heads-up, regarding some email issues.  Could you add Adam
to the DT1 mailing list please.

Dear all,

Due to an email glitch Adam's email was received by some (but not all) so I am
hoping by resending its contents all will receive it.

Following on from our last call we agreed that Adam would update the group on
the previous week's constructive discussions with ICANN/IANA.  I am not involved
in the weekly conversations but in summary, I learn things are progressing well
and we should have the framework for a SLE (available for detailed review) and
therefore concluded, soon.

As part of that process I invite all members of the DT1 list to review the
updates and comment where appropriate so that consensus can be reached as
efficiently as possible on the SLE and next steps.

Attached is the work in progress SLE and also some foundation slides for
presentations about out work in BA.  Many thanks to all SLW WG members for
offering to brief the communities in BA during the ICANN meeting.

As we all know the goal is to have an agreed SLE (tested and confirmed during
the Implementation phase) that everyone is comfortable so the SLE can be in
place at the very start of the transition. May I urge you to promote this goal
during the ICANN BA meeting and to assist you (but not formally agreed as there)
I attach the following draft timetable for consideration:

1) IANA and Adam are going to refine the SLE and then present that to the DTA
for discussion/adoption (approx 3 weeks to finish).
2) Once agreed, IANA will develop an Implementation plan (2 weeks) including an
internal ICANN request for Technical Resources from ICANN CTO.
3) The Implementation plan needs NTIA approval - 2 weeks.
4) Once NTIA has approved, the resources to extract the times needed will be
deployed.- 1 month
5) IANA will then for 2 to 3 months run a trial capturing real world transaction
information and provide that to the DT
6) With real world data (that IANA is comfortable with) - we will populate the
agreed thresholds for the SLE.
7) With the SLE data specified (Jan/Feb 2016), the SLE will be in place for the
Implementation Phase.
8) Checking of the SLE during the Implementation Phase
9) SLE in place from the date of Transition !

Safe travels 



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Subject: 	SLEs - Working Draft
Date: 	Tue, 16 Jun 2015 16:06:37 -0400


Here is where we are:


1)      From a process stand point, I think we have good measurement points outlined

2)      There is question as how to document the out of normal requests.

3)      Measurement of hostile ccTLD redelegation
needs clarification with new

4)      There needs to be further discussion as to what and where we measure


Please provide any feedback.





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