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Paul M Kane - CWG paul.kane-cwg at icb.co.uk
Fri Mar 6 13:26:35 UTC 2015

Dear all

Firstly may I thank you all for offering to work on the Service Level
Expectation (SLE) design team.

Our work is to define the performance expected from the IANA service operator to
both the gTLD and ccTLD Registry community.

Some of you I have known for more than a decade, others, I look forward to
working with you going forward.

Very briefly by means of introduction/background:
I have been in the computer networking industry since 1984, starting as a
programmer, then system design, then management.
In the late 80's I started a computer service company focused on delivering
excellence in customer service and reliability (won many awards) employed 88
staff - sold company mid-90's.
Started a number of different computer companies focused on different aspects of
our Industry, with common foundation: all companies use our own operating
system, all applications are custom written to deliver exemplary performance to
the customer.

    * Since 1996 I have been the ccTLD Registry Manager for .AC , .SH and .IO
and Internet Computer Bureau delivers back-end Registry services to 11 other
(small to large) ccTLDs.
    * I'm CEO of Community DNS - an Anycast DNS provider hosting 189,580,589
authoritative domain names with a network of over 1100 servers in 48 countries
hosted free by ISPs and Internet Exchange points in 48 countries (and growing).
    * The corporate group has 4 other sister companies with offices and staff in
UK, Japan and USA.

I hold a number of patents and in 2012 the Institution of Engineering and
Technology (like IEEE) awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award
In 2013, I was appointed by the Speaker of the UK Parliament, House of Commons,
as a senior Commissioner to the Digital Democracy Commission - how to use
digital technology to deliver better services to UK citizens. 
(http://www.digitaldemocracy.parliament.uk/ )

Now I am delighted to be working with you all :-)

Review of Baseline performance for SLE

In order to ascertain a baseline for the status-quo of the performance by IANA
today, my staff conducted a review of the Performance Standards Metrics Reports
published by IANA from Sept 2013 to Jan 2015 and available at:

The statistical analysis is useful and is attached to this email.  A
presentation of this data was given to the Cross Community Working Group on 3rd
March 2015.

Proposed work plan.
As we all have hectic day-jobs, I have proposed we have an intense period of
work and publish our draft SLE report asap so it is either adopted as a founding
document or we are asked to review certain parts.
The goal is to specify the performance expected post NTIA's involvement with
IANA and as you know I proposed two work streams:

a) review actual status quo (my staff are helping me with this) - real-world
stats and flow diagram.

b) document a possible SLE which incorporates the status quo performance
allowing for NTIA processes not being present. (thanks to Jay and Jeff for your
work on this).
As always, we don't want to over-complicate anything, just focused on customer
service and efficient delivery.  

I will update the CWG periodically as to how this DT is progressing and once the
framework of our draft SLE document is available I'll make the framework
available for peer review. 

Ideally, I'd like to have parts of the document available via this list towards
the middle to end of next week (your time permitting).

Warmest regards


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