[DTA - SLE] Another set of revisions

Jay Daley jay at nzrs.net.nz
Thu Mar 19 08:14:17 UTC 2015


I've made one last set of amendments to the Google Doc:

1.  Added in an explicit assumption that NTIA is no longer part of the process and is *not replaced* by any other party.  This means that IANA and the RZM interact directly.

2.  Extended the process steps at the front to include an optional Agreement stage which is needed for some changes.

3.  Added the assumption that IANA is 24x7 365 as it serves every time zone and so Days in the SLA are real days and not working days.

4.  Answered Jeffrey's question about multiple changes to the Root DB and added in a note to cover that.

5.  Removed the bit about third party verification of ccTLD redelegations.

6.  Filled in all the gaps in tables and checked for consistency.

7.  Removed "Accuracy of data ported to new ccTLD registry operator" as that's not IANA's job.

8.  Combined "Credential Verification" into main list of processes (and renamed the 2-factor auth one)

9.  Added in Service Definitions and Availability.

10.  Reduced the SLA timing for IDN tables.

11.  Added in RDAP endpoints which they will soon need to do.

12.  Added in a section on further development.

Things still to be done by someone else please are

a.  Breach process.  I suggest this is linked to the service definitions and my previous suggestion that some services have different impact if they go down compared to others.

Ideally I would have liked more time to link the services and processes better.


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