[DTA - SLE] Your mailing list -- DTA Service Level Expectations

Grace Abuhamad grace.abuhamad at icann.org
Sat Mar 14 02:58:05 UTC 2015

Hi Jay, 

Good questions. 

1. The list of all subscribers is published here:
https://mm.icann.org/mailman/roster/dt1. The list includes the DT1 members,
the CWG Chairs, and ICANN support staff. The feature was not turned on, but
I have now made sure it is the case for all CWG lists.

2. The list is now available on the full list of ICANN mailing lists:
https://mm.icann.org/mailman/listinfo. I double-checked and made sure that
all the CWG lists are now listed in the full list of ICANN mailing lists.

When you are able, could you submit your statement of interest? This is
required for participation in the CWG work, but I realize it's not something
common for the CC community. There are two ways to complete a Statement of

> 1. The GNSO format is a default form that you can fill out on the Wiki at this
> link (https://community.icann.org/display/gnsosoi/New+SOIs). NB: To do this,
> you will need a Wiki account. If you need an account, please contact me and
> we'll get you set up.
> 2. As an alternative, you are also welcome to provide a statement which, at a
> minimum, should include name, whether you are representing a certain
> organization or company as part of your participation in this effort, areas of
> specific interest in relation to this effort, material relationship with other
> parties affected by ICANN and primary country of residence.

Have a good weekend,

On 3/11/15 4:18 PM, "Jay Daley" <jay at nzrs.net.nz> wrote:

> Hi Grace
> Thanks for that.  I have some questions:
> 1.  Can you provide a list of everyone subscribed to this mailing list please.
> 2.  The list doesn't seem to appear in the full list of ICANN mailing lists at
> https://mm.icann.org/mailman/listinfo  is this intentional?
> thanks
> Jay
>>  On 4/03/2015, at 8:38 am, Grace Abuhamad <grace.abuhamad at icann.org> wrote:
>>  Dear all,
>>  This is your mailing list (dt1 at icann.org). The public archive is:
>> http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/dt1/. Members of this list include:
>>  Elaine Prius GNSO
>>  Jeff Eckhaus GNSO
>>  Jeff Neuman GNSO
>>  Paul Kane ccNSO
>>  Jay Daley ccNSO
>>  Patricio Poblete ccNSO
>>  In addition, the co-Chairs and ICANN staff support are on the mailing list
>> for assistance.
>>  I will need Statements of Interest from each of you. For those that don't
>> have them on file, I will be reaching out to you individually.
>>  Work is expected to be done primarily through the mailing lists, but for
>> calls, there are sign-up slots on the Wiki:
>> https://community.icann.org/display/gnsocwgdtstwrdshp/Sign+Up+Meeting+Slots.
>> If you need assistance related to scheduling a call, please contact Brenda
>> (cc'ed) or me.
>>  Best,
>>  Grace
>>  _______________________________________________
>>  dt1 mailing list
>>  dt1 at icann.org
>>  https://mm.icann.org/mailman/listinfo/dt1
> --
> Jay Daley
> Chief Executive
> NZRS Ltd
> desk: +64 4 931 6977
> mobile: +64 21 678840
> linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/jaydaley

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