[DTA - SLE] Notes DT A meeting 22 May 2015, 15.00 UTC

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Fri May 22 19:26:50 UTC 2015

Notes DT A call 22 may 15.00 UTC

Next call 8 June 20.00 UTC


DTA: Patricio Poblete, Jeff Neuman, Jeffrey Eckhaus, Elaine Pruis, Paul Kane

ICANN staff:

Elise Gehrich(IANA)

Kim DAvies ( IANA)

Brenda Brewer ( support)

Bernie Turcotte ( support)

Paul Kane opens the meeting

Work- flow documents received

How best to proceed?

Kim: Community design team. Lead by DT A

Staff to provide assitance

Paul K:

Use of statistics fro processes ad main routines

Noot able to attribute time parameters to sub-routines

Suggetion to work through together with IANA staff

Outliers in special category

How to in corporate sub-routines?

Elise: Did DT A set base principles?

For example accuracy was important principle soe years ago, and timeliness

Paul: DTA has met on relatively on few occasions

Recognise current performance,

Ensure IANA is not held accoutbaility for failures/in action of registry operators.

amking sure todays performance is documented, and ensure current levels are continued post-transition.


Question: internal KPI/SLE. Similar as external reported.

Depends on SLE/SLA category

Talking about internal SLAs masks the way IAAN works. Ensuring to remove blocking factiors.

Paul K: look at e-IANA code. Acknowledge that their has been changes. Underlying engine the same?

e-IAna was the base, but over the course of 8 years, have changed considerably. Little left from original e-IANA.

Is current e-IANA still open source? is it possible to extract the timestamps etc. Is it a systemic failure or fother failure?

Is code still available to extract

Elsie: This is beyond scope: set in principle , and not in day-to day basis.

Use timestamps, to understand what is hapeening.

Kim: what system captures, can be analysed on basis on what needs to be measured. In original draft, soem defintions neede dto be uderstood to b emeasured. This made avaialble ones needs been clarified.

Example of a report that includes timestamps per request: http://www.iana.org/performance/metrics/20150331

Question: One of the other things with that data is for the SLAs to be measured independently of the self-reporting by IANA.  Or stated differently, how do you recommend third parties being able to assess IANA performance outside of self-reporting

Elise: Outside party (PWC) auduts process and controls etc.

In addition each individual operators can check and assess.

Jeff: ICANN does probes on registry, external probes

Bernie: DTA appraoch this as practical issue

Try to change approach:

Starting from higher level, drill down more efficiently, if key concepts are clear

As noted IANA is willing to provide data, based on principles.

Paul: commit my staff resources to provide SLE .

DTA needs to accept approach.

Bernie: Additional points:

Defining the SLE is one of the things, that looks at significant change in operational sense compared to current (under IAN contract) situation. Concern in the community that this needs to be done right

If top-level is right it is of value for everybody

Paul: Ensure, that current levels are captured.

Not to try to change anything.

Re-assure and capture current timeframes.

Clarify process.

Examples current reporting



Question: Does DTA agree to high level document, and then take consecutive steps. In order to deliver a document in time for CWG

New approaches goal is to capture current service levels, address concerns of DTA a and IANA

Bernie: first work on objectives that make sense to everybody, and then later drill down.

Ensure from a top-down level as efficient way forward,

Jeff: The DTA came up with document, tha talready captures high level. The DTA document needs to be refined. Record hand-offs and re-establish the timeframes

Agreed approach on the call: First look at higher level and then bring back to DTA.

When is sensible to have next call, after review

Objective within a week, and discuss results early week  8 - 9 June.

What is expectation?

Goal is to try live up to timeframe

Developing revisions to current document: bridge gaps, and what should be measured and how.

SLE meets concern registry ooperations and at the same acceptable to ICANN.

Next call 8 June 20.00 UTC

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