[SLE Team] SLE update - ICANN seeks to delay SLE Accountability reporting......

Paul M Kane - CWG paul.kane-cwg at icb.co.uk
Wed Oct 14 16:25:26 UTC 2015


Quoting David Conrad <david.conrad at icann.org>:

> We have done a preliminary scoping of the work involved in revising the
> existing Root Zone Management System. 

This is good news and thank you to all involved.  
For the record, (and I have said this before) the IANA staff were VERY helpful
in developing and agreeing to the SLE - it is just essential that we have
community based SLE in place and in operation at (or before) the date of any

My issue was (see the attached diagram) that the CRISP (numbers community) have
their new SLA being tested from January and I would like the naming community to
be treated equally with our numbering community colleagues ... hence January 1st.

> Based on that scoping, we feel
> confident deploying the revised code by the beginning of 2Q2016. 

It seems to be taking longer to update the RZMS than it did to write it in the
first place.  

It would be great to see the RZMS audit trail update deployed on the test system
asap, with the data capture/extraction tools being written Oct and Nov.

You are responsible for this service and it is up to you, I am just trying to
get this job finished efficiently so all of the paperwork can be completed well
before any transition date. 

> provides for up to 6 months of data collection for the establishment of
> the actual contractual SLAs.  If you do not believe this sufficient time,
> perhaps you could explain why you believe additional time will be
> necessary?

IANA is not a particularly active service and will a 3 month window generate
sufficient data?  

If we were able to start testing in Jan or early Feb it would provide more data
or enable the SLE to be finalized sooner.
 By Starting in April and collecting data for say 3 months pushes us to July and
IANA does not see that much activity I fear that more time may be needed for
determining the thresholds.

If we can start asap it will enable us to be confident of having fulfilment of
the SLE in good time.... and having a community accountability mechanism for
IANA service.



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