[SLE Team] SLE update - ICANN seeks to delay SLE Accountability reporting......

David Conrad david.conrad at icann.org
Wed Oct 14 17:56:33 UTC 2015


>My issue was (see the attached diagram) that the CRISP (numbers
>community) have
>their new SLA being tested from January and I would like the naming
>community to
>be treated equally with our numbering community colleagues ... hence
>January 1st.

Simply, you have misinterpreted that diagram.

As should be clear in that diagram given the orange blocks _start_ in
January, the implementation of the CRISP SLA is scheduled to _start_ on
January 1 with completion scheduled in September.  In fact, the CWG is not
being treated equally, they are getting development priority because we
are required to do parallel testing of the code in a particular way that
necessitates a 6 month cushion.

>It seems to be taking longer to update the RZMS than it did to write it
>in the first place.

I do not believe hyperbole is helpful here.  For the record, due to a
variety of factors, most of which were non-technical, it took 2 years to
develop RZMS. The changes that are being implemented are being done in a
production system in an extremely sensitive environment and we're looking
at around 3-4 months of development/testing.

>IANA is not a particularly active service and will a 3 month window
>generate sufficient data?

As stated, we expect to deploy the new code at the beginning of 2Q2016.
This would appear to leave (some portion of) April, May, June, July,
August, and (some portion of) September for the collection of data.
Currently, I'm told IANA is receiving about 100-200 root zone change
requests per month.  This should supply at least 400 to 800 requests. Of
course, it depends on whether some requests are actually made, e.g., the
SLA that requires ICANN to measure "Credential recovery ‹ time to dispatch
confirmation email of forgotten username or password" (another one of
those metrics that will be measured in nanoseconds since it measures
something that does not require human interaction or code branches), so
whether there are enough nanosecond samples depends on how many folks try
to recover their passwords.

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