[Finance-sc] PTI webinars

Maureen Hilyard maureen.hilyard at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 16:14:11 UTC 2019

Hi all

Just a friendly reminder about the PTI webinars. It would be helpful if you
could attend one of these sessions before we have our FBSC call later this
week. I wish they did webinars like this at the start of other public
comment discussions to encourage more participants to our CPWG calls.

THIS WEEK: PTI FY21 Budget Webinars
Executive: David Conrad, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

FOR: All SO/AC Chairs

We are beginning the process to develop the Fiscal Year 2021 budget for
Public Technical Identifiers (PTI), which comprises the costs of delivering
the IANA functions as well as other associated expenses from July 2020
through June 2021. As part of the process we are holding a kick-off
webinar. The short webinar will briefly explain the process and timeline
and provide a set of planning assumptions for feedback from the community.
We will then have an opportunity to provide comment either on the webinar,
or via email afterward. At this stage, our focus is on any adjustments to
the planning assumptions, as well as identifying upcoming priorities we
should focus on for the IANA functions.

The webinar will be held twice in different time zones:

   - Tuesday, 13 August at 15:00 UTC | https://icann.zoom.us/j/650413047
   - Wednesday, 14 August at 00:00 UTC | https://icann.zoom.us/j/279641171

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