[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Draft SC charter

KnobenW at telekom.de KnobenW at telekom.de
Mon Feb 21 16:28:05 UTC 2011


Unfortunately timing of the call today was not very efficient. I hope we
find another date to continue not too far from now, mainly between March
2 and 9. Avri and Philip if you could make Mar 2, 13:00 UTC, that would
be great. Ray, you've already confirmed that date (don't miss it...). A
doodle shall be sent out shortly.

Attached is an amended version of the draft charter making also
reference to the WG guidelines as suggested by Avri. I wonder to what
extent the charter itself should refer to specific points of the
guidelines and would welcome any coments so far.
Also comments to any open items would be appreciated.
 <<SCI charfter draft v2_210211.doc>> 

Best regards

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