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Thanks for this status review, Wolf-Ulrich.  I support your recommendations
in full.  See you in Dakar at the weekend.


Kind regards,




Ronald N. Andruff

RNA Partners, Inc.



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Dear SCI colleagues, 

As a result of our last F2F meeting in Singapore we've put our work more or
less on hold by waiting for input regarding issues raised by the GNSO
council or a group chartered by the council: no issue raised = no work -
which could make us happy...

At the moment I personally don't see a real issue at the table which would
force us to hold the FSF meeting in Dakar still scheduled on Sunday morning.
So I've asked Glen to remove it from the GNSO schedule.

I'll provide a short report to the council explaining the SCI status and
remind them about the possibility of raising issues for consideration with
the SCI. This message could also be sent to the SGs and Constituencies.

In addition I think we could now follow the idea from the Singapore meeting
of asking WGs or other affected parties about their experience with the new
WG procedures. A framework or list of questions can be developed after the
Dakar meeting for that purpose, and I'll take initiative on that.

I hope to see many of you in Dakar. 

Kind regards 

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