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Thu Mar 15 23:58:42 UTC 2012


In addition to the tasks we took at our meeting the SCI is asked by the GNSO council to look at the issue of GNSO Council deferral requests for motions.
As we agreed to reconvene after mid of April it would be helpful to prepare a little in specifying the problem in more detail. Looking into how in the past the council handled deferrals would be useful.

I'd therefore like to ask Marika whether staff would take over this survey.

>From my point of view the following criteria could apply for this survey:
- starting with council meetings under the new house structure
- type, name and date of motion deferred
- deferral requested by which SG/constituency
- rationale given for the request
- repeated request for deferral if applicable?

Please add any criteria which may be useful.

Best regards

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