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This is the list of members in the sub-group: Anne Aikman-Scalese, Avri
Doria, Thomas Rickert and Mary Wong.


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>Marika makes some very good points about potential conflicts related to
>other motion provisions.  We may need to go back to the subgroup to study
>this.  The subgroup was Mary, Thomas, me and anyone else?  Anne
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>On 5 Jun 2013, at 20:27, Marika Konings wrote:
>> Apologies if I'm raising questions / issues that have already been
>>considered, but the following questions come to my mind:
>>       € Who makes a determination whether it considers a re-submission
>>of a motion or whether it is considers a new motion? Does it have to be
>>identical to be considered a re-submission? If a few words are added or
>>whereas clauses are introduced, does that make it a new motion?
>Is an amended motion the same motion.  I think it needs to be the very
>same motion or derivatives based on amendments done in meetings.
>A re-crafted motion with new information that was not added as amendment,
>seems to me to be a new motion, no mater how similar.
>Of course, that opens up the possibility that if people were not being
>collegial, purely hypothetically, a similar motion could be submitted
>each month ad infinitum.  IS there ay provision for rejection of a motion
>without voting it down.
>>       € The PDP Manual foresees that 'In the event that the GNSO
>>Council does not approve the initiation of the PDP, not including the
>>possible suspension of further consideration of the Final Issue Report
>>as described above, any Councillor may appeal the denial, and request
>>that the GNSO Council hold a renewed vote on the initiation of the PDP
>>at the next subsequent GNSO Council meeting'. There are no further
>>requirements attached to this 'renewed vote' - would this be considered
>>an exception or would it need to be brought in line with the new
>>requirements if/when approved?
>As I remember this courtesy is also extend in some form to ACs who have
>requested a issues report.  Do I remember correctly (I know, I could
>Perhaps this is the rule that should just be carried forward to all
>>       € A 12 month period appears to be a long time to be able to
>>reconsider a motion ­ for example, there may be new information brought
>>forward that may result in a change of opinion / vote of a SG/C that may
>>warrant reconsideration of a motion or a certain urgency may require
>>quicker reconsideration. Should a shorter time frame be considered, or
>>at a minimum the possibility of an exception to this timeframe at the
>>discretion of the Chair?
>I agree  Until some of the recent statements, I have thought of this a
>much more of a proximity problem.  I.e.  in the same meeting, at the next
>meeting or 2 at the latest..
>> If these questions were already considered, please feel free to ignore.
>I do not think we even got close to any of these issues.
>as for a repeat clause.  How about once and in extraordinary
>circumstances (at the leadership's, C+VC, discretion) twice.
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