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Dear SCI members,


Glen de Saint Géry has helpfully provided to me information about how
absentee ballots are conducted.  She notes that absentee ballots occur very
rarely now since there is provision for proxy voting and temporary
alternates. The ballots are always sent by email.  Glen notes that email
ballots have worked well and there have been only two cases ever of people
not responding, not voting and in both cases it made no difference to the

Glen also noted that there was a time when there was an extra step whereby
absent councilors were asked to send in a request for a ballot, but this
step was removed as cumbersome because of the short time span 72 hours to
vote (and even a shorter window if the chair so decided) and different time
zones. So the absent Councillors are simply sent the absentee ballot
directly after the meeting.


Glen added that the last time they used the absentee ballots was during the
31 October 2013 Council meeting for the Adoption of the Thick Whois Policy
Development Process.  She has sent a sample ballot below.


Best regards,



Julie Hedlund, Policy Director

The absentee ballots look like this:

Dear [Name of Councilor],


Pursuant to the GNSO Council Operating Procedures section 4.4 Absentee
Voting Procedures
http://gnso.icann.org/council/gnso-op-procedures-07apr11-en.pdf absentee
voting is allowed on the motion re: INSERT TITLE.


Your absentee ballot follows.  Please indicate your preference with an X and
send the lines preceded with *asterisks directly to the GNSO Council Mailing


* On the motion I vote:

* [ ] Yes

* [ ] No

* [ ] Abstain

* Password: Green-5


This process should be completed within 72 hours of the meeting which ended
at 13:05 UTC on [Date of Meeting].

(Completed ballots are due NLT 13:05 UTC, [Date])

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