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I am raising a process question with regard to the Electronic Voting language as it currently stands.  Unlike the 10-day Waiver rule proposal and the resubmission proposal (among others), the Electronic Voting language is not currently drafted in the form of a rule that can be “dropped into” the Operating Procedures.  Instead, it is more of a statement of principles (although it has tightened up quite a bit through various drafts).

If we send it out for public comment and review in this form, wouldn’t we  then need to revise it to put it in the form of a draft rule, which would then go out for a second round of Consensus Call/public comment/GNSO Council review, and then (unless there are no issues raised with the drafting of the rule), wouldn’t we need to revise it again to put it in the form of a final rule for a third round of Consensus Call/public comment/GNSO Council review before it can be adopted?

Would it make sense to revise the Electronic Voting language so that it is the form of a rule, which could eliminate a round of review and get the rule “on the books” faster?  (Given the evolution of the document, I think we are already halfway there.)  Or is the issue sufficiently complex that it should be reviewed by the community “in principle” first, before we turn it into a rule?  Or am I missing something relating to process and procedures?

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Dear all,

Please find attached an updated draft of the proposed Electronic Voting procedure for the GNSO Council, based on the SCI meeting on 22 July. Please note also that, after consulting with Ron as the Chair, the finalized language for this procedure will be sent out together with the previously-approved language for the 10-day Motion Waiver procedure for a formal Consensus Call. Following the conclusion of the Consensus Call and assuming the two procedures are approved, staff will then prepare to send them out - together with the previously-adopted language regarding WG Consensus Levels -  for public comment and GNSO Council review.

We will, as per usual practice, also notify and consult with ICANN Legal on all these adopted procedures, to ensure that they are in general conformity with other rules and processes in the ICANN community.

Thanks and cheers

Mary Wong
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Subject: [gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Action items: SCI Meeting 22 July

Dear All,

Please find below the action items from the call on 22 July. These also are posted to the wiki at: https://community.icann.org/display/gnsosci/22+July+2014.  Our next meeting is scheduled in two weeks on Tuesday, 05 August at 1900 UTC. A separate meeting notice will be sent to the list and will include details concerning remote access.

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Julie Hedlund, Policy Director

SCI Meeting Actions – 22 July

1.  Waiver of 10-Day Motion Deadline: 1) Put the language out for a formal consensus call (consensus must be unanimous); 2) If consensus is achieved combine with other changes to the Operating Procedures for public comment.

2.  Remote/Electronic Voting: 1) Take out "regularly scheduled" in both instances where it appears in paragraph 5; 2) Send the revised language out for consensus call (consensus must be unanimous); 3) If consensus is acheived combine with other changes to the Operating Procedures for public comment.

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