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Hi Greg,


Just a short note to say that I really appreciated the work we did together on the SCI and what a profound pleasure it gives me to see how you have moved onward and upward as the new IPC President!  Always wonderful to see those who truly engage in the work of building ICANN, grow and develop into strong leaders…  The SCI will miss you, but I, for one, am very happy to see that you have taken on so much more at this important time in ICANN’s history.


Continued success, my friend!


Kind regards,





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Madame Chair, Fellow Members of the SCI and Invaluable SCI Support Staff:


It is somewhat bittersweet for me to announce that IPC leadership has unanimously approved Lori Schulman (representative of IPC member INTA) as the Alternate Representative of the IPC, replacing me.  This appointment is effective immediately (or as soon as the SCI charter allows).  Given my new role in the IPC, it was beyond my capacity to give SCI as much attention as it deserves. 


It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as a member of the SCI, and I'm glad that I have been able to contribute to the smooth and efficient running of the GNSO Council and ultimately the GNSO and the gTLD Policy Development Process.


I'm sure that Lori will be an excellent replacement, since she already has experience as a member of the SCI, and will be continue to bring a great deal of real-world experience to the SCI.


Thank you all for letting me serve with you.


Best regards,


Greg Shatan

President, Intellectual Property Constituency




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