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Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
Wed Sep 27 01:37:12 UTC 2017

Attached is a spreadsheet based on the data provided. After eliminating 4 instances with no information, there were 34 occurrences. Some takeaways:
- 18 unique TLDs represented in the 34 occurrences
- A median of 3 occurrences per TLD (that's to say that nearly half of them had 1 to 3 occurrences, the other half 4 to 7 occurrences)
- A median of 22 days between the delegation and the report, with some very late reporting (maximum was 568 days)
- 7 brand/exclusive-use TLDs, 1 GeoTLD/Governmental registry among the 18 TLDs
- 23 cases reported as service disruption, 9 as networking errors
- 21 cases affected company networks, 7 a single local computer, 2 application development environments, 1 web application
- In 24 cases the registry was not contacted, in 5 the registry was put in contact with the reporter, in 1 registry stopped controlled interruption, in 1 no action was taken
- All 5 known outcomes that were reported were that the network was updated, all others are unknown


What was already known:
- No human-life threatening collisions
- Very low number of reported occurrences

What I expected and was confirmed:
- No IDN TLD collisions reported
- Brand TLDs having a share of the occurrences
- Little data on outcomes (people usually don't go back to tell their history after problem is fixed)
- Very few (1) instances where interruption was interrupted

What was unexpected to me:
- Very few (1) occurrences with GeoTLDs. It was forecasted that since many multi-site and global organisations built network hierarchies with city names and airport codes, those would have a higher incidence of collisions. Even some suspected cases like .cba, a brand, was supposed to generate collisions with geographic identifiers used in Chiba (JP), Córdoba (AR) and Cuiabá (BR).
- Late reporting. Considering most people wouldn't wait almost 2 years to troubleshoot a problem, that indicates that some other conditions had to change for the collision to occur: actual registration of a colliding domain, network reconfiguration that allowed it to happen etc.
- Reduced number of attempts to include registry into the incident response


> On Sep 26, 2017, at 8:30 PM, Steve Chan <steve.chan at icann.org> wrote:
> Dear WT4 Members,
> If you’ll recall, WT4 requested additional information for reports of name collisions. Below, please see the requested data elements.
> Date of report to ICANN
> Type of TLD where the collision occurred (Single-registrant, Brand, Geo, IDN, Open/Generic, Open/Niche)
> When and how reporting person detected the collision
> Affected system (Corporate network, Mobile Application, Web Application, Other-Specify)
> Registry response (If available)
> Outcome (to the best of ICANN's knowledge)
> Attached, please find ICANN Org’s response (and available near the bottom of the Wiki page here: https://community.icann.org/x/Yz2AAw <https://community.icann.org/x/Yz2AAw>).
> Best,
> Steve
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