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Hello Javier

Just a quick point of clarification…did you want WT5 members to submit comments prior to next week’s call so that a new version of the document could be produced?  Not quite sure of the cycle of editing/commenting.

Thanks to the staff for producing a helpful tracking of what we’re all doing.

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On 31 May 2018, at 6:30 am, Javier Rua <javrua at gmail.com<mailto:javrua at gmail.com>> wrote:

 Dear Work Track 5 members,
As discussed on the WT5 call today, the co-leaders are pleased to share with you the “working document” that we will be using to collect input from WT5 calls and the email list. You can find a Google Document version here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BRzHr2FxSTYHX1I8F3FHSt6Bo1cvJsKyWX8WZXRUXAo/edit. Word and PDF extracts are attached.
Please keep in mind the following when reviewing the document, which was produced by staff under the direction of the Work Track co-leaders:

  *   This is work in progress and will continue to evolve as discussions continue.
  *   The document is intended to summarize perspectives and key points raised in Work Track discussions and on the Work Track mailing list.
  *   The document does not attempt to evaluate the level of consensus in support of the different ideas and positions at this time. Once Work Track leaders hold consensus calls, information about level of consensus will be added.
You are encouraged to provide feedback on the document if you feel that an important point raised in the Work Track has been missed or has not been captured sufficiently, or if you want to add new points or arguments not yet discussed. We only ask that you do not suggest deleting points or ideas that were raised by someone other than yourself.
You can comment in the following ways:

  *   Insert a comment in the Google Doc: Highlight the text where you want to insert the comment. In the top menu, click the “add comment” icon (it appears as a speech bubble with a “+” sign). Please make sure your name is included with your comment).
  *   Insert a comment in the Word Doc: If you do not use Google Docs, you can insert a comment into the attached Word document and send it to the Work Track 5 mailing list. Staff will incorporate these comments into the Google Doc. Updated versions of the document will be regularly circulated.
  *   Send comments to the mailing list: You can comment by sending an email to the mailing list and including the page and section number of the text you are referencing. Staff will incorporate these comments into the Google Doc.
We look forward to receiving your input.
Kind regards,
Annebeth Lange                                                       Olga Cavalli                                                            Martin Sutton                                                        Javier Rúa-Jovet
<Work Track 5 - Initial Report Working Document - 30 May 2018.pdf><Work Track 5 - Initial Report Working Document - 30 May 2018.docx>_______________________________________________
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