[Gnso-newgtld-wg-wt5] Notes & Action Items - New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP Work Track 5 - 14 August 2019

Julie Hedlund julie.hedlund at icann.org
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Dear Work Track 5 members,

Please see below the action items and notes from the Work Track 5 meeting on 14 August 2019.  These high-level notes are designed to help WT5 members navigate through the content of the call and are not a substitute for the recording, transcript, or the chat, which will be posted on the wiki at: https://community.icann.org/display/NGSPP/2019-08-14+New+gTLD+Subsequent+Procedures+PDP+Work+Track+5.

Kind regards,
Julie Hedlund, Policy Director

Notes and Action Items:


ACTION ITEM re: Final Discussion and Closure of Discussion on Non-AGB Terms – continue discussion on the list of proposals and any changes resulting from the meeting (see attached slides).
ACTION ITEM re: Closure of Discussion on Changes to String Contention Resolution – continue discussion on the list of proposal and any changes resulting from the meeting (see attached slides).


1. Updates to Statements of Interest: No updates provided.

2. Final Discussion and Closure of Discussion on Languages/Translations:

-- Anyone think differently that there is no strong support for a path forward to change the AGB?
-- Is that all the discussion on languages/translations?  Yes, but doesn’t appear to be a strong way forward.
-- Concern that if we don’t have strong support for a proposal here then we may not on any of the others.
-- There has been lots of good discussion and ideas, but no strong agreement.
-- Only three people suggested that we should continue discussion, so this issue is closed.

3. Final Discussion and Closure of Discussion on Non-AGB Terms:

New proposal from Susan Payne and variation from Jorge Cancio:
-- Support for the first point (adjectival forms), as this could prevent user confusion.
-- Is there a list of adjectival forms of countries?
-- We can rely on adjective forms of the established standards ISO 3166-1 and -2.
-- In Jorge’s variant there is no open concept of geographical name.  Also does not include a Geonames panel.  Includes a closed list of terms.
-- Merit of recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all.  Not all governments care about geo names, but some do.
-- To make it easier for the applicant we could let ICANN notify the governments.
-- Support for Susan’s proposal?  Strong support for the proposal.
-- Support for Jorge’s proposal?  Some support.
-- Questions: Is the adjectival forms from the list? Is this in all languages (if we aren’t changing the AGB on languages)?   Intent was only official languages.
-- Need a concrete list of strings.
-- If a country protects “by law” but not everything that has geographic meaning.  Is that an element?  Also this is only a notice requirement?
-- What happens as a consequence of the notification?  Demonstrate that you have made the contact (have tried).
-- Are there no boundaries on what may be considered “terms with geo meaning”?  Must be protected by law before getting on the list.
-- How do we define “terms with geographic meaning” when national laws may not contain such a definition or may define the term differently?
-- EU seems to have a list of adjectival forms for country names.
-- Notification requirement lends itself to some sort of mediation procedure.  Is that intended in the proposal?
-- Doesn’t seem to be strong support for Jorge’s proposal, but there is for Susan’s.
-- ACTION: Discuss on the list and put on the agenda for next week.  How can we modify to get to a potential conclusion.

4. Closure of Discussion on Changes to String Contention Resolution:

-- People who will lose out are those filing community application.  Opposed for this and other reasons.  Creates a class of super applications.
-- Would a city name override a country name?  The intent is not to put a city and a region into the same bucket.
-- What we don’t have here is a rationale to put geographic uses of a name ahead of all other uses of a name.
-- No clear direction for this proposal.
-- ACTION: If there are any final revisions from Katrin put these forward on the list for discussion on the next call.

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