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This seems to be coming along nicely, thanks.  Of course, it’s hard to exactly visualize the days without knowing what the rest of the community is doing how crosscomm WGs would be scheduled, etc etc, but it is what it is. On small item re: Meeting B Day 1: WRT SG/C Intro Sessions, assuming we have the same structures then I’d argue for 'combination thereof' for NCPH, constituencies then jointly in SG.  



> On May 5, 2015, at 4:34 PM, Marika Konings <marika.konings at icann.org> wrote:
> Reminder, please send any comments you may have by Thursday 7 May at the latest.
> Thanks,
> Marika
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> Date: Wednesday 29 April 2015 16:16
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> Subject: [gnso-newmtgstrat-dt] For your review - deadline for comments / edits 7 May
> Dear All,
> Following our meeting yesterday, please find below the notes as well as the updated GNSO Meeting Strategy document and outreach letter. This version aims to capture in redline format the feedback received from those on the call. As discussed, the idea would be to gather any further feedback from those that were not able to join the call, or any further comments that participants in yesterday’s meeting may have, in view of sharing the document with the GNSO Council in time for its upcoming meeting on 21 May to allow for further input prior to ‘finalising’ the document ahead of the ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires for review and discussion with other SO/ACs. As the deadline for documents for the meeting on 21 May is 11 May, can you please send any comments and/or edits you may have by 7 May at the latest? I will work with Volker on circulating the letter to other SO/ACs.
> Best regards,
> Marika
> Notes 28/4
> For meeting B, effort would have to be made to do outreach ahead of the meeting. This would need to be further communicated and co-ordinated - who will be responsible for outreach and ensuring that the right people show up for day 1.
> Call out specifc items that will need further consideration such as outreach efforts
> Day 2 - are GNSO WG Status updates needed, how can preparation for joint sessions be done? Should SG/C meeting before (move one SG/C meeting to Tuesday to allow for meeting)? There should be a prep session on Tuesday morning to allow for preparation. 
> Explore whether certain topics can be discussed prior to the meeting for example as part of the Council agenda (prep for GAC/ccNSO) or a webinar (GNSO WG updates)
> Important that materials are available ahead of time to allow
> Confirm whether there are any sessions planned that are intended to be attended by all attendees - next draft of the schedule is expected to be shared within next couple of weeks (initial thinking is that there is an opening, not a full on welcome ceremony)
> Ability to interact with the Board - how is that expected to take shape in new meeting strategy. Shouldn't be reduced. 
> Next steps: Circulate updated draft to the DT with a clear deadline for comments / input, in view of sharing revised version with the GNSO Council ahead of its next meeting. Work with Volker to send letter to SO/ACs.
> <New Meeting Strategy - Updated - 29 April 2015.docx><Letter to SO-ACs - updated 29 April 2015.docx>_______________________________________________
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