[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Following up today's discussion on transferring names

Kathy Kleiman kathy at kathykleiman.com
Tue Apr 15 16:03:21 UTC 2014

Hi All,
I think it is more than information. We've touched on a gap - that 
requires disclosure as a condition of transfer - and a possibility of 
alternatives that would not require that disclosure. We've even touched 
on possibilities that might enable such a transfer - between registrars 
and between affiliated p/p service providers - to take place within the 
existing system and possibly using existing keys.  This is an important 
gap to fill from a Registrant perspective -- and a great discussion that 
should be continued!


> I agree the discussion and presentation today were highly relevant to 
> relay.
> On B 3 itself, should we be specifying that one responsibility of 
> accredited providers is to fully disclose to customers how use of 
> their service may impact the customer's ability to transfer to another 
> registrar?   (Or, put another way, how efforts to transfer will affect 
> provision of the service.)
> If the relay obligation is sufficiently robust, then this disclosure 
> requirement might be less important, but it would be worthwhile to 
> mark this point here, pending the relay discussion.
> Steve Metalitz
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> Dear Don / Steve / James and Mary,
> Thanks so much for the presentation on today's call. I learnt a lot 
> about how the privacy & proxy services interact with the transfer 
> policies, which was hugely helpful.
> Can we make sure we tie this information / discussion into the 
> relevant work items? My suggestion is that we would come back to what 
> we learnt today when we come to talk about 'relay', and also towards 
> the end of our work in the wrap-up side of things to do a sanity check 
> on how any possible recommendations might impact on the transfer policy.
> Does that make sense? Or perhaps it fits into other areas I haven't 
> considered.
> Many thanks to James for the presentation.
> All the best, Maria
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