[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Outcome of the PPSAI Meeting?

Holly Raiche h.raiche at internode.on.net
Tue Aug 5 23:13:37 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone

I had had to miss the meeting before this one just passed, but I had thought we had arrived at agreement that:
P/P providers would forward what was called Category 1 - abuse, etc and Category 2 - anything required under the RAA.  Anything after than  will be a commercial decision of the P/P provider based on what they can do and what their customers want.  Indeed,  they can differentiate themselves  from other providers as a service to customers by offering a tailored service, based on customer preference over and above how Categories 1 and 2 are handled.

And on relaying bounced messages. I think we were saying that, in the case of some providers, they actually forward the email and so would know if it bounced - in which case, I think we are arguing  over whether the provider - when they become aware of a bounce - should let the message originator know of the bounce.  Clearly, for those providers who would not know whether the message bounced, we could not require them to pass on knowledge they do not have.  

In all cases, the P/P provider should fully inform customers of how messages from a message originator to the P/P customer are handled.  

Last night (for me) call left me wondering if that is where we are up to.

So am I right, and if not, what is still not pretty much agreed on?


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