[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Proposal contactability

Volker Greimann vgreimann at key-systems.net
Mon Aug 18 14:05:52 UTC 2014

Hi Todd,

it may be better to have a positive list of items that must be forwarded 
than a negative list of items that need not be forwarded.
> ·Duplicate messages: my only question on this is how is it defined?  A 
> certain number of messages from the same sender within a defined 
> timeframe (e.g., 24 hours)?
Something to that effect. This would include both multiple versions of 
the same mail as well as re-sent versions.
> ·Purchase or business inquiries: I confess that I don't quite 
> understand this one.  What is the rationale for this exception?  
> Wouldn't the Beneficial Owner want to receive these?
These may be hard to differentiate from spam, but in most cases these 
messages are unwanted. This can include offers of similar domains or 
services, requests for purchase of the domain or similar services.
> ·Harassing communications: again, my question would be how is 
> "harassing" defined?
As harrassment can take a variety of forms, this should remain an open 
> ·Unwanted communications: I think this one is the most problematic 
> exception proposed, and is a non-starter, for several reasons, at 
> least one of which is that it would seem to include notices that 
> include a legal claim (because who really "wants" to receive those?).
In such cases, I could imagine that a service might respond to the 
complainant that the message was not relayed as the registrant has:
a) added the sender to a blocklist of unwanted senders
b) requested not to receive messages of that nature
c) other.


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