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Michele Neylon - Blacknight michele at blacknight.com
Tue May 20 22:06:29 UTC 2014

Personally I think two things:
1 - P/P services should be open to anyone who wants to use them
2 - the display in whois should be the same no matter who or what has registered the domain

With respect to point 2, I don't have any issue with there being a "flag" of some kind to indicate that a registration record is using an accredited P/P



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Thanks to all participants on today's call.  Following up on requests made on the call ----

Regarding Don's draft preliminary text regarding questions C(threshold), C 1 and C2, please circulate your comments and (especially welcomed!) proposed edits.  Don's draft is re-attached here for ready reference.

Regarding question C.3:  If the following applies to you, please respond on the list:

IF you believe that privacy/proxy services ought to be open to commercial entities under some circumstances, THEN should there be a difference in the data displayed for such registrations (vs. what is displayed for p/p registrations by natural persons)?  If the answer is YES, please specify the differences.

For myself I will say that my answer is NO, but I hope that any YES people will step forward on the list.


Steve Metalitz, vice chair

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Subject: [Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Proposed Agenda - PPSAI WG Meeting

Dear All,

Please find below the proposed agenda for tomorrow's PPSAI WG Meeting.

Best regards,


Proposed Agenda - PPSAI WG Meeting - 20 May 2014

  1.  Roll Call / SOI
  2.  Review proposed preliminary conclusion for threshold question, C1 and C2 (as circulated by Don)
  3.  Review C3 - is additional response/discussion needed in light of item 2? (see template attached)
  4.  Continue deliberations on D1 (see updated template attached)
  5.  Next steps / confirm next meeting
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