[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Questions for P/P providers from the WG call earlier today

Chris Pelling chris at netearth.net
Tue Sep 23 14:02:26 UTC 2014

Hi All,

Let me answer from our point of view and how we handle things :

1.  Because we look at EACH and EVERY request manually if by ticket or 
mail, all requests for disclosure are passed to the PP customer,  we ask 
the 2 parties requestee and pp customer to resolve whatever issue 
between them, as this is the best way forward for all parties.
2.  There is little point allowing a deletion of the domain, as it will 
then simply be registered elsewhere.  However, in point 1 getting the 2 
parties talking and more to the point a resolution fixes the issue.
3.  Case by Case basis - we do not host material for example, thus DMCA 
as an example is simply passed on.  If the issue is with the actual 
domain name, then UDRP.
4.  Well I can answer this one, in the last year we have had 2 requests 
if memory serves and thus 2 disclosures.
5.  As 4, only LEA.  We would only disclose on LEA request (in our 
jurisdiction) or Court order.

Kind regards,


NetEarth One, inc


On 16/09/2014 11:38 PM, Mary Wong wrote:
> Dear WG members,
> With the Chairs’ consent, I’m sending on the questions that were asked 
> by several WG members during the call earlier today, in the hopes that 
> those members who are or know of P/P providers and their practices can 
> respond. If links to or copies of provider practices and policies can 
> be provided, that would be very helpful too.
>  1. What are provider practices regarding customer notification when a
>     disclosure request is received, and is the customer given the
>     opportunity to respond? (Note - on the call, James had agreed to
>     provide information about DBP; Graeme and Michele had responded on
>     behalf of their respective companies – perhaps other providers
>     besides DBP can also step in here?)
>  2. Does any provider offer its customer an option other than
>     disclosure or publication, e.g. an opportunity to cancel the
>     registration instead (i.e. what some WG members have mentioned as
>     a “takedown”)?
>  3. What are provider “standards" for determining disclosure to third
>     parties?
>  4. Can providers give the WG some general information about the
>     percentage of requests for disclosure that are successful
>  5. For Q4, do providers also have information about the type of
>     claims those relate to e.g. If they are from LEA, 3P IP claim etc.?
> As also noted on the call, the Chairs will discuss some of the 
> responses and suggestions that were made, with a view toward hopefully 
> offering some kind of summary or recommendation in time for the call 
> next week.
> Thanks and cheers
> Mary
> Mary Wong
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