[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Last call for Issue-Spotting on Part 2 plus New Comments to Review (Parts 3 & 4)

Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Thu Aug 20 19:26:40 UTC 2015

What happens if we find something after the deadline, Mary?  I 
appreciate the desire to push this thing on but I reiterate that some of 
us have other lives and family holidays during this period, and I think 
the work effort required to go through all these comments demands more 
time.  I will keep saying this, I am trying to throw my boots off the 
toboggan and slow us down so that we can do a thorough job on 
this....the kind of job that 22000 comments deserves.
Sorry if that seems not being constructive to some, but it seems only 
fair to me.  I am sure I am not the only one who has not been through 
all the comments.
kind regards
Stephanie Perrin

On 2015-08-20 12:50, Mary Wong wrote:
> Dear WG members,
> This is a _last call_ for any issues that you would like to bring to 
> the WG’s attention concerning Part 2 of the WG Public Comment Review 
> Tool (first circulated on 10 August), similar to the approach we 
> adopted for issue-spotting in Part 1. Please send these to the email 
> list for consideration at the next WG call as soon as you can, but *no 
> later than Monday* (a day before the call) if at all possible.
> Please also find attached two documents -
> (1) Part 3 of the WG Public Comment Review Tool, containing excerpts 
> from public comments sent directly to the public comment forum and 
> responses to the online questions template that cover all the WG's 
> remaining preliminary recommendations aside from those being analyzed 
> by the Sub Teams (i.e. Preliminary Recommendations #16-20); and
> (2) Part 4 of the WG Public Comment Review Tool, containing those 
> comments and suggestions made by commenters and template responders 
> that were not specifically framed as responses to particular WG 
> recommendations. Part 4 also contains two additional elements, viz. a 
> list of the types of concerns raised by signatories to the Save Domain 
> Privacy petition (much of which is also reflected in many of the 
> general comments received in the public comment forum), and a list of 
> commenters who supported or endorsed other commenters’ submissions. 
> While this Part 4 may be of particular usefulness to Sub Team 4, we 
> attach it here to facilitate the WG's review of all the remaining 
> comments not otherwise summarized in other parts of the Tool.
> These two documents are the last in the series of documents that 
> comprise the WG’s Public Comment Review Tool for our Initial Report, 
> not including the additional documents that were prepared for the 
> various Sub Teams that will also form part of the record for the Final 
> Report. I should point out that some of the comments in these two 
> documents include some strong language, but we have chosen to leave 
> them in as they were sent in the same way as comments that used less 
> robust language; I hope that is all right.
> Cheers
> Mary
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