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Steve and Graeme,
Tx you for this update. It is much appreciated as are your efforts and 
all involved in this project. I would like to urge that ideas now be 
shared with all of us. Especially if a sticking point is " and that 
would include reasonable safeguards and procedures to protect the 
legitimate interests of customers of accredited proxy/privacy service 
providers" as indicated below, those of us who are customers and working 
with Registrant groups would like to be part of the discussion at this 

Just my thought - happy to hear others.  Safe travels to Singapore!
> Dear WG colleagues,
> As you know, several PPSAI Working Group members, including 
> representatives of the IPC and privacy and proxy service providers, 
> have endeavored to develop a collaborative proposal on the minimum 
> standards for disclosure (Category F). The group’s work is not meant 
> to obviate or displace the work of the larger group on this issue – 
> rather, it is meant to constructively contribute to the discussion by 
> producing one proposal on this issue for the larger group’s 
> consideration. This is an update on this sub-group’s progress.
> But first, a little background: At the face-to-face meeting of the 
> PPSAI Working Group in Los Angeles on October 10, 2014, one important 
> topic was minimum standards for disclosure of contact information of 
> customers of privacy/proxy services who may or may not be using their 
> private domain name registrations to carry out infringing or other 
> abusive activities.
> Prior to the face-to-face meeting, IPC participants in the Working 
> Group circulated a proposal on this topic.  A responsive redline was 
> circulated to the WG by Volker Greimann.
> Following extensive discussion of these proposals and of the topic in 
> general at the face-to-face meeting, a sub-group of WG participants 
> have continued this discussion.  The sub-group includes participants 
> from the IPC and privacy/proxy service providers. Meeting by 
> teleconference and working over e-mail, the sub-group has sought to 
> develop a text that could be jointly presented to the PPSAI Working 
> Group as a framework for further discussion on the issue of standards 
> for disclosure.
> Some progress has been made, and the sub-group is continuing its 
> efforts with the goal of producing a document for presentation to the 
> PPSAI Working Group as soon after the Singapore ICANN meeting as 
> feasible.  If such a document is completed, it is hoped that it would 
> be a constructive contribution to eventual WG approval of a set of 
> recommendations on “Category F” for inclusion in the Draft Report of 
> the WG.
> Unlike the documents discussed by the full WG last October, the 
> framework under discussion does not purport to establish a single 
> general policy for when disclosure of contact information in cases of 
> alleged abusive activities would be available.  Instead, it seeks to 
> focus more narrowly on intellectual property infringement complaints 
> as one illustrative example of minimum disclosure standards.  The 
> framework would describe (1) a service provider process for intake of 
> requests; (2) general templates that requests would have to meet in 
> order to trigger service provider action; and (3) principles governing 
> service provider action in response to a conforming request.  While 
> considerable progress has been made in the first two areas, a number 
> of critical issues remain to be resolved in the third area, and 
> discussion has not been concluded on any of the areas.
> The expressed common goal of the discussion group participants is a 
> framework that would give requestors a higher degree of certainty and 
> predictability as to if, when and how they could obtain what level of 
> disclosure; that would preserve for service providers a sufficient 
> degree of flexibility and discretion in acting upon requests for 
> disclosure; and that would include reasonable safeguards and 
> procedures to protect the legitimate interests of customers of 
> accredited proxy/privacy service providers.  Of course, balancing 
> these interests is the difficult task before our working group. As 
> stated, participants in the discussion group hope to be able to make a 
> constructive contribution to the WG’s efforts to do so.
> Graeme Bunton
> Steve Metalitz
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> Dear WG members,
> Please find attached the latest revisions to the draft Initial Report, 
> reflecting the discussions from the WG call on 28 January – as such, 
> the changes since the last version circulated on 21 January are to 
> Recommendations #15 and #19 in Section 1.3.1, Section 1.3.2 and 
> Section 1.3.3 (all in the Executive Summary). In addition, we have 
> prepared a Glossary (attached) that can be included in the report when 
> it is published for public comment, which includes the new definitions 
> agreed on by the WG for Disclosure and Publication as well as existing 
> definitions from previous GNSO work that were used in scoping this PDP 
> and chartering the WG.
> Once the draft Initial Report is finalized by this WG following the 
> Singapore meeting, we will also explore other formatting and visual 
> options to better assist the reader with viewing and reviewing the 
> various WG recommendations.
> Finally, as a reminder, the WG call originally scheduled for today 
> (Tuesday 3 February) is canceled; this WG will therefore meet again 
> during the ICANN meeting, on *Wednesday 11 February at 09:30 Singapore 
> time*, in the Hullet Room at the conference venue. Remote 
> participation details will be posted to the main ICANN meeting 
> schedule: http://singapore52.icann.org/en/schedule/wed-ppsai.
> Thanks and cheers
> Mary
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