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Hi Don,

Even though I have been a member of this group for a sort while, you're guidance and council to me has been outstanding. A big Thankyou.



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Good evening, or whatever works where you are.

To get to the point, I have had to make a very hard decision to step
aside from WG Chair responsibilities for awhile. It has nothing to do
with the RySG issues that I raised before. I just need to take the time
to focus on doing everything I can to take care of the problems of the
last few months. It has been suggested for awhile and, as I told Marika,
I guess that some folks really are trainable. Those of you who know my
wife can imaginge her with a "who, you?" look, but she is in Phoenix on
business and can't see me writing the message.

Working with this WG has been an outstanding experience. I've learned a
lot in many ways. It's too far along and we've made too much progress to
step away completely, so I'll be lurking and contributing on calls and
the mailing list as I can.



Don M. Blumenthal, Esq.
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