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Dear All,

Please find the MP3 recording for the Privacy and Proxy Services Accreditation Issues PDP Working group call held on Tuesday 24 February 2015 at 15:00 UTC. at:

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Frank Michlick - Individual

Val Sherman - IPC

Griffin Barnett - IPC

Kathy Kleiman - NCSG

Todd Williams - IPC

David Heasley - IPC

Steve Metalitz - IPC

Luc Seufer - RrSG
Don Blumenthal - RySG
Jim Bikoff - IPC
Michele Neylon- RrSG

Osvaldo Novoa - ISPCP

James Bladel - RrSG

Vicky Scheckler - IPC

Kiran Malancharuvil - IPC

Volker Greimann - RrSG

Christian Dawson - ISPCP

Sarah Wyld - RrSG

Carlton Samuels - ALAC

Richard Leaning - no soi

Lindsay Hamilton-Reid - RrSG

Roger Carney - RrSG

Tatiana Khramtsova - RrSG

Phil Corwin - BC

Stephanie Perrin - NCSG

Apologies :

Alex Deacon -IPC

Darcy Southwell - RrSG

Chris Pelling - RrSG

Graeme Bunton - RrSG

Holly Raiche - ALAC

ICANN staff:

Marika Konings

Mary Wong

Daniela Andela

Terri Agnew

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 Adobe Connect chat transcript for Tuesday 24 February 2015

   Terri Agnew:Welcome to the PPSAI WG Meeting of 24 February 2015

  Osvaldo Novoa:Hello everyone!

  Val Sherman:David Heasley and Jim Bikoff are also on

  Terri Agnew:I have noted David and Jim

  Val Sherman:Thanks Terri!

  Kathy:Hi All!

  Bladel:+1 Steve.  Thank you for all of your work, Don.

  Don Blumenthal:Stress? :)  Thanks.

  Kathy:+2 Much appreciated, Don!

  Terri Agnew:Kiran Malancharuvil has joined audio

  Stephanie Perrin:Apologies for being late...

  Carlton Samuels:Howdy all. Apologies for coming in late

  Todd Williams:Likewise: apologies for being late.

  Kathy:Keeping in mind the limits and scopes of ICANN.... including not regulating content

  Terri Agnew:Vicky Sheckler has joined audio

  Bladel:Kathy - Yes, and this is something that is becoming increasingly important (not just for PPSAI).

  Bladel:ICANN shouldn't regulate content, but service providers (as private entities) should be able to set their own content policies.

  Bladel:But service providers shouldn't be under pain of ICANN Compliance to act (or not act) in a certain way.  Not sure everyone completely agrees with that yet.

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Volker Greimann

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Luc Seufer

  Luc Seufer:Hi Terry et alia

  Kathy:Interesting background - tx Steve and James!

  Kathy:"allegedly infringes"  as nothing has been adjudicated :-)

  Christian Dawson:+1 to Michele

  Kathy:Agree that exact URL is key

  Michele Neylon:we got several in the last week where we had to waste time asking for specific URLs

  Michele Neylon:(speaking as a hosting provider)

  Mary Wong:Please mute your mics when not speaking

  Mary Wong:Also, please ensure that you use only one set of speakers/mic

  Michele Neylon:+1 Mary

  Stephanie Perrin:THanks, that helps clarify

  Don Blumenthal:Provider TOS can allow for quick action that mans other merhods aren't necessary.

  Michele Neylon:+1 James

  Val Sherman:+1 James -- that's fair

  Michele Neylon:if we can't see the alleged infringement we can't act

  Kiran Malancharuvil:Agree with that

  Michele Neylon:"use the force" isn't sane

  Michele Neylon:re: available / not available - couldn't it be resolved by simply using "if" ie. if it is available

  Volker Greimann:there will also have to be some form of external verification of the copyright claim

  Volker Greimann:how will the provider know if the claim is valid?

  Volker Greimann:+1 for Kathy. If someone complaints that writing about Tethans in volcanoes violates their copyright, that may not be easy to decide

  Stephanie Perrin:Michele has just asked my next question, bravo!

  Volker Greimann:so if a platform like abay or alibaba used whois privacy and a customer sold Gucci handbags, what would be your request?

  Kathy:There are real dangers in not allowing the Customer to discuiss circumstances privately with the SErvice Provider

  Philip Corwin:General approach seems ok so far -- but noting for record that the method of resolving provider claims of false statements/misrepresentations remains to be decided and that this is extremely important to prevent abuse of the process.

  Todd Williams:Steve just made the point I was going to make.  It's "lack of"

  Frank Michlick:+1  for Michele.

  Lindsay Hamilton-Reid 2:I also agree with Michele.  We are not here to be judge and jury.

  dick leaning:agree with michele

  Michele Neylon:I'm taking a screenshot of that

  dick leaning::-)

  Don Blumenthal:Scary, isn't it?

  Kathy:We'll definitely need a procedure for the Customer to obtain statements from Requestor that can be challenged as appropriate in court and elsewhere

  Kathy:Tx to Steve and All for walking us through!

  Bladel:Thanks, Steve.

  Kathy:(statements being access to the good faith statement and allegations....)

  Carlton Samuels:Thank you all

  Val Sherman:Thanks, Steve and all!

  Kathy:Bye All

  dick leaning:thanks all

  Lindsay Hamilton-Reid 2:Thank you

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