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Hi All,
I wanted to share something that seems related to our activities of late 
in the WG. This week is Fair Use Week and organizations offer a set of 
online and in-person activities celebrating and exploring fair use. This 
year the activities are led by ARL - Association of Research Libraries 
-- and universities.

I thought you might be interested in these activities.  Below is a 
posting from ARL describing them...


/Apologies for cross-posting/
Hi All,

There were a lot of great posts from the first day of Fair Use Week 
2015.  I've compiled a roundup of yesterday's posts 

You can also watch two great videos.  The first is by Kyle Courtney 
<http://fairuseweek.org/fair-use-introduction-kyle-courtney/> explaining 
some of the origins of Fair Use Week and Harvard's Copyright First 
Responders Network.  The second is by Fred von Lohmann 
<http://fairuseweek.org/fair-use-week-fred-von-lohmann/> and covers how 
fair use enables our everyday technologies.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, check out, use, share, distribute, and 
post the Fair Use Fundamentals Infographic 

Stay tuned for more celebration of fair use and fair dealing! Visit 
fairuseweek.org <http://fairuseweek.org> or follow #FairUseWeek2015 on 
Twitter for more.
Krista L. Cox
Director of Public Policy Initiatives
Association of Research Libraries
21 Dupont Circle, N.W., Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 296-2296, ext. 156
krista at arl.org <mailto:krista at arl.org>
policynotes.arl.org <http://policynotes.arl.org>

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