[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] FW: Co-Chairs Draft Language for Updating Section 1 3 3 - 30 Sept

Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Wed Oct 7 05:38:13 UTC 2015

Dear all,

As there seems to be intermittent problems with WG members receiving (or
rather, not receiving) emails from other WG members, Vicky has asked me to
forward her message and suggested amendments to the Section 1.3.3. language,
in case some of you did not receive her first note.

Thanks and cheers

Mary Wong
Senior Policy Director
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN)
Telephone: +1 603 574 4889
Email: mary.wong at icann.org

From:  Victoria Sheckler <vsheckler at riaa.com>
Date:  Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 09:17
To:  Mary Wong <mary.wong at icann.org>, "gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg at icann.org"
<gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg at icann.org>, "Steven J. Metalitz (met at msk.com)"
<met at msk.com>
Subject:  Co-Chairs Draft Language for Updating Section 1 3 3 - 30 Sept

> Please see attached some suggested clarifications to the last paragraph of
> this document (on top of the redlines in the draft Mary sent around).  For
> your reference, I¹ve copied the updated paragraph below.  MARY ­ I¹m not sure
> if this will make it to the entire working group ­ can you please forward it
> on just in case?  Thanks. -Vicky
> The Working Group notes that at least some significant current providers of
> these services have adopted and do enforce similar restrictions on who may use
> their particular services.  The Working Group¹s conclusion that such a
> prohibition should not be incorporated into accreditation standards at this
> time is not meant to discourage accredited providers from adopting and
> implementing such policies if they so choose (provided that other relevant
> criteria, such as publication of terms of service and grounds for termination
> of the service, are fulfilled).   The Working Group also notes that at least
> some registrants engaged in commercial transactions using domain names
> registered through P/P services are doing so to carry out illegal activities
> or other abuses that may provide a basis for disclosure or publication under
> another part of these accreditation standard, or under terms of service
> adopted and published by accredited providers.   In other words, the Working
> Group¹s conclusion that registrants engaged in commercial or transactional
> activities should not be considered per se ineligible to use P/P services
> should have no impact on a particular registrant¹s eligibility (or not) to do
> so on other grounds.

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