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Please accept my apologies for the delay in sending these possible requirements from the above referenced paper.  Possible requirements are:

(i)	subscriber provides consent prior of the inclusion of his PII for use for reverse or multi-channel services (if applicable);
(ii)	the controller informs the subscriber whether PII will be used in reverse or multi-channel services and to what extent he can modify his decision to allows such processing;
(iii)	the controller has implemented technical and organizational measures appropriate to the risks represented by the processing and the nature of the data protected.

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You can breathe a sign of relief.  My (belated) report on SAC054 does not contain any new data elements/requirements.   It is simply a very useful document with a proposed model to identify what data is required, for what purpose and in what part of the cycle.  It does not introduce any new purposes, data requirements, etc  The list of data starts with that information provided at the time when the domain name is available for registration, followed by data required at the time it is registered/active, at the time of its expiry at the time of the grace period, and then when it become available again.

The model is very useful simply to give readers a better understanding of that cycle and suggest a common understanding and consistency of terminology throughout that life cycle of a domain name.

Some of the information is required under the RAA and publicly available under its terms.  Other of the information is gathered under other arrangements including RFCs.  But for all data that is listed in this document, it is listed elsewhere in the other documents that have been analysed for this WG so, in that sense, the document does not add to the lists being generated for this WG.

The very useful tables in which the data is broken down into phases in the life cycle and explained are listed below.


> >
> > Table 1 is the data model for contact information Table 2 is the 
> > Registrar Data Model Table 3 is the Host Name Data Model Table 4 is 
> > the Domain Name Data Model Table 5 is the Registered Mark 
> > Information Data Model Table 6 is the DNSSEC information data mode.
> >
> >
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