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Dear All,

Please find below the notes and action items of today¹s RDS PDP WG meeting.

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Notes and Action Items ­ RDS PDP WG Meeting 24 May 2016

These high-level notes are designed to help PDP WG members navigate through
the content of the call and are not meant as a substitute for the transcript
and/or recording. The MP3, transcript, and chat are provided separately and
are posted on the wiki at: https://community.icann.org/x/C4xlAw.

1. Roll Call / SOI

2. Helsinki meeting plans: RDS PDP Cross-Community session and WG F2F
* Draft session descriptions and agendas circulated for WG review: RDS PDP
Helsinki Agendas - Draft 23 May 2016.docx
* RDS has been identified a cross-community session of broader interest,
currently scheduled for Monday 5-6:30
* As this is the first time using this format, we are trying to determine
how to best make use of this time and encourage cross-community policy
* Hopefull will also result in useful input to the WG - to this end, the
session proposal is to welcome input on possible requirements. Some of the
details are outlined in the document distributed yesterday (see link above)
* Goal is to display questions being addressed and possible requirements on
big screen to help record what has been suggested and avoid too much
* Also includes a show of hands on the foundational question of whether a
new RDS is needed to satisfy requirements or whether WHOIS can meet those
* In addition, Tuesday 8-12 there is scheduled a regular WG F2F meeting,
organized to progress the on-going tasks being addressed by the WG at that
point in time
* Description suggests introductions from those not present in Marrakech as
well as tent cards for all to help attendees know who is speaking
* Guests are welcome to attend the WG session, and we may need to provide
briefing materials to help guests understand what is being discussed
* Session descriptions are due tomorrow
* Comments or questions from WG members should be shared today so that these
descriptions and agendas can be finalized
* Note that Helsinki meeting uses a different format with far fewer sessions
being held in parallel and focus on engagement on policy items
Action #1: WG members will be given 48 hours to comment on Helsinki agendas
after which it will be considered ready to post.

3. Continued work on draft 2 of possible requirements list: progress, Q&A,
next steps
* Note these are possible requirements, deliberations are for the next phase
* WG encouraged to add to the list
* Some concerns expressed on whether the draft goes beyond policy
requirements and already moves into the next phases of work (system design,
implementation). Some requirements appear to have assumptions built into
them, for example that differentiated access would be provided which is an
issue that needs to be addressed in phase 1.
* Triage should be carried out on the list to determine what is for phase 1,
what is for phase 2 and what is for phase 3. This could be done through a
grid approach. Initial draft of possible grid has been prepared by staff,
but may only make sense to put it in the grid format once the raw material
is available.
* WG is expected to go through all the documents to identify possible
requirements by end of May. WG members expected to contribute to this
effort. Is it feasible for this to happen by the end of May?
* Sub-teams identified key documents for three of the questions - could
those serve as a starting point to get volunteers to review those and
identify possible requirements that are added to the list? Consider creating
a sign-up list? Instead of suggesting that there are gaps, WG members will
need to step up and identify those.
* Those that summarised documents as part of the sub-team effort should be
well positioned to draw possible requirements from the summaries that were
* Greg to review SSAC documents for possible requirements
* Extend the deadline slightly, as long as there is commitment to get the
work done. 
* Sign up sheet to be circulated later today - sign ups to be done within 48
* Encourage everyone to make progress ahead of next week's meeting.
Action item #2: All WG members are encouraged to prepare by reviewing these
http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/gnso-rds-pdp-wg/2016May/000635.html and the
transcript/recording of Chuck's introduction in last week's call:

Action item #3: Staff to create a sign-up list to facilitate volunteers
coming forward to review documents and identify possible requirements. WG to
sign up to review documents for possible requirements within 48 hours of
circulation of sign up sheet.

4. Confirm Next RDS PDP WG Meeting Date ­ 31 May 2016

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