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Michelle DeSmyter michelle.desmyter at icann.org
Tue May 31 18:13:18 UTC 2016

Dear All,

Please find the attendance of the call attached to this email and the MP3 recording below for the Next-Gen RDS PDP Working group call held on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 at 16:00 UTC.

MP3: http://audio.icann.org/gnso/gnso-nextgen-rds-31may16-en.mp3

The recordings and transcriptions of the calls are posted on the GNSO Master Calendar page:


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Thank you.

Kind regards,

Michelle DeSmyter


Adobe Connect chat transcript for Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Michelle DeSmyter:Dear all, welcome to the Next-Gen RDS PDP WG Meeting on 31 May 2016 16:00 UTC
  Michelle DeSmyter:member page/SOI: https://community.icann.org/x/I4xlAw
  Michelle DeSmyter:agenda page: https://community.icann.org/x/0xOOAw
  Michelle DeSmyter:If you do wish to speak during the call, please either dial into the audio bridge and give the operator the password RDS, OR click on the telephone icon at the top of the AC room to activate your AC mics. Please remember to mute your phone and mics when not talking.
  Susan Kawaguchi:Hello All
  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Hello
  Fabricio Vayra:Hi!
  Richard Padilla:Hi
  Vlad Dinculescu:Hi All
  Greg Shatan:Hello, all!
  Maryan Rizinski:Hello everyone!
  Lisa Phifer:Hello all, Chuck will be joining us shortly to start the call
  Chuck Gomes:I will dial in instead of using Connect Me
  Jim Galvin (Afilias):Hi - is there any audio?  Trying to decide if my audio is working....
  Chris Pelling:afternoon all
  Sam Lanfranco:okay
  Richard Padilla:yes
  Jim Galvin (Afilias):Not hearing anything....
  Chris Pelling:I can hear audio
  Roger Carney:I can hear as well
  Chris Pelling:Michele just said Hi
  Chris Pelling:Michelle *
  Jim Galvin (Afilias):Sigh....
  Holly Raiche:@Jim - everyone is just being polite
  andrew sullivan:I can now hear Chuck too.
  Farell FOLLY:Good afternoon everyone
  Jim Galvin (Afilias):Gave up on AdobeConnect audio - on the phone now too...
  Ayden Férdeline:hi all
  Ankur Raheja:Hello All
  Benny Samuelsen / Nordreg AB:please enable scroll on document
  Ayden Férdeline 2:Hi. Just a quick question, if a document does not specifically reference the RDS, how should we capture it? Should we reasonably extend these so to be relevant for the RDS, or should we only capture the general principles raised in the source document? Thanks
  Greg Shatan:muted
  Kathy Kleiman:requirements or possible requirements?
  Lisa Phifer:possible requirements
  Ayden Férdeline 2:thanks Lisa
  Chris Pelling::p
  Holly Raiche:Good question Kathy
  David Cake:Yes. Good point Kathy.
  Kathy Kleiman:To reflect for future chat readers: "actual requirements" today for Whois may be "possible requirements" for tomorrow's RDS
  Lisa Phifer:docs that seem to be gaps becuase they were identified as significant:
  Lisa Phifer:SAC051
  Lisa Phifer:A29 WP on procs for handling conflicts with law
  Lisa Phifer:A29 WP 203 3/2013
  Lisa Phifer:A29 WP 217 4/2014
  Lisa Phifer:Final EU 2016/679 of EU Parliament (new DP reg)
  Lisa Phifer:EU DP directive (1995)
  Richard Padilla:@lisa I will pick up A29 WP 203 3/2013
  Kathy Kleiman:I'll be happy to take A29WP 203 3/2013 - which is realted to what I am currently working on.
  Lisa Phifer:Greenleaf book/article
  Holly Raiche:And the other point (arising from  SAC 54 - is to look beyond the RAA so see what else may be 'required' or a least 'collected'
  Fabricio Vayra:I'll take A29 WP on procs for handling conflicts with law
  Richard Padilla:ok will take the A29 WP 217 4/2014 instead
  Ankur Raheja:@lisa My first document is complete. Please sign me up for WHOIS New gTLD URS Policy and Rules for URS Policy. Thanks
  VAIBHAV AGGARWAL:Can V Send an Email with just the List so that selection vS Interest is a concious decision
  andrew sullivan:Note that we could specify mandatory fields and also ones that registries _may_ provide if they wish
  andrew sullivan:a nice thing about any modern protocol for this sort of service is the tolerance for unknown fields
  Ayden Férdeline 2:@Vaibhav Just to clarify - are you asking that we send a message to the list before we allocate these documents?
  VAIBHAV AGGARWAL:Self Consultation is a welcomed idea
  Ayden Férdeline 2:We have had these documents circulating on the list for the past two weeks already... if people want to volunteer to take them now, I think that's great...
  Holly Raiche:@ Andrew - true - and I don't think we can go beyond what people MUST do - but the data collected may still be covered by various data protection regimes
  Kathy Kleiman:I think you may have volunteers for almost all the 8 now
  Lisa Phifer:I think still missing EU DP directives (old and new), Greenleaf book/article, SAC051
  Jim Galvin (Afilias):I'll do SAC051
  Greg Shatan:I can do EU DP Reg 2016
  Ayden Férdeline 2:7 June seems reasonable to me
  Farell FOLLY:ok for me
  Holly Raiche:I can do SAC 054 earlier than that.
  Farell FOLLY:ok
  Holly Raiche:Do we need the Greenleaf book within a week.?  IIsn't the context for the book looking at various data protection laws globally?
  Lisa Phifer:@Holly, Greenleaf book or article about trends - not sure what needs to be extracted, perhaps someone from the privacy subteam can weigh in
  Greg Shatan:We now have 3 Gregs in this group.  There oughta be a law....
  Kathy Kleiman:@Greg - try being a Kathy :-)
  Rod Rasmussen:Greg is in transit (air) at the moment.
  Holly Raiche:@ Lisa - what specifically do we need from the Greenleaf publication?  He is often at the UNSW lawfaculty and I can have a chat with him for information if that helps
  Holly Raiche:I'll have a chat with them
  Sana:I'll do 95 directive
  Kathy Kleiman:Tx Chuck
  VAIBHAV AGGARWAL:@Kathy Excellent Q & @Chuk "Applause"
  Kathy Kleiman:Can we get control back to the document on the screen?
  Kathy Kleiman:Tx you!
  Ayden Férdeline 2:@Holly - Greanleaf in his (lengthy) book talks about privacy laws in Asia. He begins by mentioning how in Europe there are binding treaties on data protection and supranational courts which can make binding decisions on privacy and data protection. Then he pivots to Asia where he says there are no equivalent international agreements or empowered deliberative bodies. So the European approach to privacy and data protection is very much top-down, whereas in Asia it is bottom up, with national laws the starting point. The other issue he raises is that not all countries in Asia have strong democratic institutions. It's an interesting book but very, very lengthy... if you are going to meet with him it might be helpful to ask if he knows anything specifically about WHOIS, as his book (to me) was more about how to evaluate/compare privacy laws
  Holly Raiche:I have already bashed his ears about the Whoisissues - but will have another chat on these issues
  Ankur Raheja:Thanks
  Chris Pelling:Thanks all :)
  Fabricio Vayra:thanks, Chuck!
  Richard Padilla:Ok folks later
  Sara Bockey:thank you all
  Ayden Férdeline 2:thanks to all
  Vlad Dinculescu:Thanks All
  Maryan Rizinski:Thanks everyone, bye
  andrew sullivan:bye!
  Greg Shatan:Bye all!

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