[gnso-rds-pdp-wg] Notes and Actions - Next-Gen RDS PDP WG Meeting on Tuesday, 31 May 2016

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Tue May 31 18:20:12 UTC 2016

Notes and Actions - Next-Gen RDS PDP WG Meeting on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 at
16:00 UTC


1. Roll Call / SOI 

.                  No updates provided


2. Continued work on draft 2 of possible requirements list 


Progress Update: 

.                  Volunteers have been assigned to cover 29 documents, 8 of
those have already been submitted and included in draft 2 of the possible
requirements list. Although the list of documents is long, only about 8 of
the documents flagged by subteams as especially relevant to this PDP are
still unassigned.

.                  To sign up for a document, just email the WG list with
the name of a single document that you are volunteering to cover. The GNSO
Secretariat is still working with IT to fix the permissions problem that
prevents WG members from editing the sign-up sheet.

.                  Once you volunteer, review the document for possible
requirements and either quote or paraphrase possible requirements, mapped to
charter questions.

.                  Submit your list of possible requirements to the full WG
mailing list.

.                  Staff will number and integrate all possible requirements
into the next draft of the WG's possible requirements list.

.                  After you submit possible requirements from one document,
you may volunteer for another document - but please volunteer for one
document at a time.


Questions or Comments about how to extract possible requirements

.                  Are these requirements or possible requirements? They are
POSSIBLE requirements. The WG will deliberate to agree upon requirements.

.                  If a possible requirement seems to duplicate a possible
requirement from another document, should it be included? Yes.

.                  If a possible requirement doesn't refer directly to the
RDS, should it be included? If the text appears to apply to registration
directory services or registration data, quote or paraphrase and also
describe why you think it is applicable.


Call for volunteers for unassigned documents: 

.                  Sign-up Sheet can be found at
<https://community.icann.org/x/shOOAw> https://community.icann.org/x/shOOAw

.                  Additional assignments to volunteers during this WG call:

.                  Richard Padilla A29 WP 217

.                  Kathy Kleiman A29 WP 203 

.                  Fabricio Vayra A29 Procs for handling conflicts

.                  Ankur Raheja New gTLD URS policy

.                  Jim Galvin SAC051

.                  Sana Ali EU DP Directive 1995

.                  Greg Shatan EU DP Reg 2016

.                  Holly will look into what is needed from Greenleaf

.                  WG members who haven't yet volunteered are still
encouraged to sign up for any remaining unassigned document


Next steps and due date

.                  Would 7 June be a reasonable target for completing
remaining assignments? Yes.


Action: WG volunteers to please submit possible requirements as soon as you
finish your assignment, preferably as text or a Word doc, preferably
organized by charter question. Target for submitting all assignments to
complete Task 8 is 7 June.


Action: Leadership team to draft outreach message #2 soliciting additional
possible requirements from SO/AC/SG/Cs.


3. Discuss approach for triage of possible requirements list into 

- phase 1 policy requirements

- phase 2 policies designed to meet phase 1 policy requirements

- phase 3 implementation or coexistence guidance 


.                  See
d%20for%20Possible%20Requirements%20Draft%2031%20May.docx> MockUp of Grid
for Possible Requirements Draft 31 May.docx

.                  Drafted in follow-up to comment from Greg Aaron about
initial possible requirements list spanning all three phases of this PDP.

.                  Grid is intended to help filter possible requirements
into the three phases, allowing the WG to better focus on the core possible
requirements to be deliberated upon in phase 1 - that is, possible
requirements that help the WG answer the foundational question of why a gTLD
registration directory service and registration data are needed, and if a
next-generation RDS is needed to meet requirements ultimately recommended by
this WG

.                  In particular, the grid introduces two new columns:
pre-requisites and phase. By identifying pre-requisites or assumptions, the
WG can identify possible requirements that are actually derived from other
possible requirements and may be deferred until phases 2/3.

.                  Question: Where would "legitimate need" and "law
enforcement" and "real identity of responsible party" be determined? Answer:
If these are agreed to be a requirement in Phase 1, the policy itself would
be detailed in Phase 2/3. However, this will be determined by the WG during
deliberation - for example, the WG may refine several possible requirements
to derive a recommended requirement

.                  Note that triage of possible requirements would be done
by WG after list of possible requirements is gathered, to organize possible
requirements to begin deliberation.

.                  At this stage, the WG is asked to consider this triage
approach - especially the pre-requisites column - and provide feedback on
how to best organize possible requirements to map into phases and begin


4. Confirm next meeting - Tuesday 7 June at 16.00 UTC

.                  To include planning for cross-community session in
Helsinki (Monday afternoon of ICANN meeting) and WG F2F session (Tuesday


Action: WG members to begin thinking about how they may wish to participate
in that session - specifically, if they wish to volunteer to suggest a
possible requirement to kick off input from the community.


Meeting Materials:  <https://community.icann.org/x/0xOOAw>
RDS PDP WG Wiki:  <https://community.icann.org/x/rjJ-Ag>


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