[gnso-rpm-wg] ICANN, UDRP and Common Law, ACPA Trademark Rights.

Graham Schreiber grahamschreiber at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 16:41:46 UTC 2016

Hello GNSO - Rights Protection Mechanisms Team:

I'd like to thank our Chair, Phil for posting the "Tweet" about the
Congressional Trademark Caucus's meeting, later today.

I'm delighted to share that  ".COM"  Domain Name Registrants in member
nations of the Madrid International Trademark System are a tiny bit closer
to having their Businesses  "In Use"  .COM ~ Marks, Trade Names and
Trademarks enjoying  MORE  American Common Law protection, under the ACPA,
stoping us all being a target victim to Cybersquatting, Racketeering; and
the TMCH.


.COM's will in due course, become recognized sufficient, that we .COM
Domain Name Registrants will be in a position to tell NEW gTLD Operators to
Cease & Desist supporting all "confusingly similar" Word Marks in

For those interested in learning more about Contributory Infringement, read
Jones Days great article in INTA, as linked.


Also, elusive ICANN having been identified in the TPP for Intellectual
Property [at] Chapter 18U.S. ~ Article 18.28: Domain Name, are now going
to be exposed to questioning in Canada.   Equally so in all TPP Nations!

> https://medium.com/the-trans-pacific-partnership <

Therefore, ICANN Et Al = CentralNic; and those who aide and abet their FAKE
cc.COMs will be subjected to the RAA Sections that addresses RySG, RrSG and
ICANN conduct.

All this because the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC is now looking into
things, based on NAFTA and TPP contracts between Canada and the United
States, as letter below shows.

In keeping with the Four Way Test, lets continue to ensure our work
together meets these fine American standards.

- Is it the TRUTH?
- Is it FAIR to all concerned?
- Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


Karina.Gould@ email
10:09 AM (1 hour ago)
to me

Hi Graham,

I received a notice last night that Minister Freeland was not available to
attend the meeting, but they were going to send someone from the Trade
bureau at the Canadian Embassy in DC to the event. They also thanked me
(and you) for the tip off about the meeting.

I am just updating my records, and noticed I have >>>>><<<<<  on file. Is
that an alternative number for you?

Best wishes,


[image: HoC_Full+Colour_Simplified_45mm_CDC_Couleur_Simplifié_45mm]*<> Name
Executive Assistant

Office of Karina Gould

Parliamentary Secretary for International Development et la Francophonie

Member of Parliament for Burlington

835 Confederation Building

House of Commons, Ottawa



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