[gnso-rpm-wg] FOR REVIEW & DISCUSSION: Draft collated proposal for Sunrise-related data collection

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A handful of gamers does not equal a failing policy.  Let's spend our time fruitfully addressing the gaming, rather than endlessly recirculating this argument.

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On 09.08.2017 05:50, Kurt Pritz wrote:
> Practically speaking, remember that the original policy recommendation 
> required no mandatory RPMs. That caused such consternation that the 
> IRT was convened to create RPMs and then the GAC strengthened them. I 
> think is is naive to think that this group could conclude that we 
> abandon Sunrise and that would be the end of the story. Such a 
> recommendation would lead to a several-month (or longer) process that 
> would, in the end, reinstate Sunrise. If I were convinced we had solid 
> arguments, I might be tempted to take on that challenge. For the 
> reasons stated above, I don’t think yours is a winning or winnable 
> argument.

We should not be railroaded into supporting a failing policy for fear that our evidence-based determination will be overridden at a higher level for political reasons.  EFF supports (and, indeed, formally proposed some months ago) that Sunrise be abolished.

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