[gnso-rpm-wg] Action Items from RPM Working Group call held earlier today

Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Wed Aug 16 22:33:56 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Please find below the action items from the call that was held earlier today. As has been the practice, notes from the call will be posted to the Working Group wiki space along with the recording and transcripts from the call.

For Working Group members:

  1.  Working Group members to review INTA Cost Impact Survey results**, to be discussed on 30 August Working Group call
  2.  Working Group members to consider and confirm if additional data suggestions mentioned by George Kirikos are to be included in the Sunrise data collection proposal
  3.  Working Group members to provide feedback on whether registration volume should be added to the sampling of registrar retail pricing for Sunrise and General Availability periods

(** Full set of survey results posted on the Working Group wiki page here: https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/61606864/INTA%20Cost%20Impact%20Report%20revised%204-13-17%20v2.1.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1500376749000&api=v2; staff compilation and summary will be sent before next week)

For Working Group co-chairs:

  1.  Working Group co-chairs to work with staff to prepare draft request to the GNSO Council, for budget and resources relating to engagement of a professional survey designer for surveys required for Sunrise and Claims

For staff:

  1.  Staff to recirculate INTA Cost Impact Survey results (see wiki link above)
  2.  Staff to circulate compilation/summary of INTA Cost Impact Survey results
  3.  Staff to circulate compilation of the list registry operators and their Approved Launch Programs, Qualified Launch Programs, and Limited Registration Periods, as applicable, along with definitions of these terms and relevant anecdotal data provided during the Working Group community session at ICANN59
  4.  Staff to circulate list of suggested blog sources for media coverage of Sunrise and Premium Name pricing, and use of Reserved Names lists, for Working Group comment and suggestions

NOTE: Topics DEFERRED from Sunrise discussion:

·         Brand/trademark owner survey – Working Group will return to this discussion, to determine scope in light of INTA’s experience with its Cost Impact survey, and to determine target group(s) if survey goes forward

·         Non-trademark/brand owner (i.e. registrant) survey – given the very broad scope, Working Group will return to this discussion following agreement on how to proceed with the other data suggestions

·         Outreach to public interest groups and other trade associations – for the same reason as the registrant survey, Working Group will return to this discussion following agreement on how to proceed with the other data suggestions


  1.  Working Group members to review Trademark Claims collated data proposal from this week for further discussion on the mailing list and on the next call
  2.  Working Group members to consider if, for those suggestions concerning URS data, the collection should also include UDRP cases at this stage and what other uses may be made of the data for the future

Thanks and cheers
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