[gnso-rpm-wg] Critique of INTA survey

George Kirikos icann at leap.com
Thu Aug 31 10:46:58 UTC 2017

Hi Kurt,

On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 5:47 AM, Kurt Pritz <kurt at kjpritz.com> wrote:
"1) George refers to the EFF and in past emails has particularly
referred to the EFF white paper, "Which Internet registries offer the
best protection for domain owners?” as justification for eliminated
the Sunrise RPM.....Yet, because it is “published," this is the source
cited often on this list as authority for eliminating Sunrise."

I don't recall ever referencing that particular paper in this working
group. I advocated elimination of the Sunrise RPM long before that
paper was even published. That paper only came out in late July:


and as per the archives, no one ever replied to that thread.  I've
searched past emails, and can't find myself referencing it all here.

My reasoning for elimination of sunrise isn't based at all on that
study, especially since the reasoning predated that study.

Not only has it not been "cited often", it's unclear anyone but Jeremy
has even  mentioned it.

If you have a link to me (or anyone else for that matter) referencing
that paper on this PDP mailing list, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I
think you should correct your statement.


George Kirikos

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