[gnso-rpm-wg] A Proposal for Smarter Non-Exact Matches

Phil Corwin psc at vlaw-dc.com
Wed May 31 02:46:07 UTC 2017


Thank you for submitting this proposal. I think it will certainly help focus our ongoing discussion.

Attached is a copy of the proposal annotated by initial comments and questions it has raised for me in my personal capacity. I hope you will be prepared to address them in your presentation or follow-up WG dialogue.

See you on the call tomorrow.

Best, Philip

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As I've mentioned earlier, I think that a proposal to use non-exact matches other than "mark contained" matches ("dumb matches") makes sense to pursue.  Various types of matches have been discussed; however, there has been no actual proposal for "smarter" matches that can be used by the group.

The attached proposal seek to fill that gap.  It is more in the nature of an addendum to the initial proposal on non-exact matches.  However, it does provide a more formal proposal on the types of non-exact matches to be considered.  The intent is to provide a sufficient framework to discuss these types of non-exact matches and to add these non-exact matches to the proposal.

I hope that this helpful to the work of the group.

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