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I continue to read these statistics lessons from George, Volker, and Paul K. with some amusement.  We are definitely in "the lady doth protest too much" territory here.

We get it.  You don't like the survey or the information it conveys.  It doesn't fit your narrative or help your goals.  But, it's not like our resident statistical experts have submitted any surveys of their own - scientifically perfect or otherwise - to back up their opinions.  If the INTA survey conducted by Nielson, as Paul K. suggests, is worthy of being "laughed out of the room" where does that leave the personal opinions of those who didn't bother with producing a survey at all?  I suppose that would be whatever is worse than being laughed out of a room...

So folks, can we move off the unrequested, unhelpful opinions about statistics (which are interestingly not backed up by surveys to validate their accuracy which I find ironic) and get on with dealing with the giant workload before us?  We can't keep wasting time on this circular stuff.  We need to get underway or else risk falling behind SubPro and get the full ire of the community directed at us.  Thanks so much!


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I'm sure many folks are familiar with the concept of "confirmation bias":


Those who want to give weight to the INTA study, despite its statistical invalidity, appear to me to be suffering from that confirmation bias, as it's a study that happens to confirm or coincide with their prior beliefs.

As a group, we need to *overcome* those biases, and deal with evidence in a neutral, objective and scientific manner, lest those biases steer us on the wrong course.


George Kirikos
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