[gnso-rpm-wg] Action Items from 10 January Working Group Call

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Thank you for this sound suggestion Mary, Julie, Ariel and Berry – I for one agree.

I have used Google Docs in other groups, both large and small, and find it great for a small group but quite challenging for a larger group.

Best regards,


David McAuley

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Hello Brian, Greg and all,

It is up to each Working Group to determine what are the most appropriate and effective methods and formats for conducting their work, so, for instance, while Google Docs are used by the Subsequent Procedures Working Group and the Cross Community Working Group on New gTLD Auction Proceeds, it is not used by the RDS Working Group or (to date) by this group except in the Sub Teams. Staff would like to note, however, that in our experience Google Docs can be difficult to manage in a group with a large active membership, where multiple people may wish to comment regularly. We have also experienced a number of problems with Google Docs in the Sub Teams, including member confusion about whether edits were inserted (as opposed to comments/suggestions) between versions before the group was able to discuss proposed changes, and some technical issues on the part of a few users. In addition, members in certain countries have periodic difficulties accessing Google tools (including Google Docs), though there are usually workarounds if needed.

You may be interested to know that the GNSO Review Working Group (the group developing recommendations to assist with and assess implementation of the GNSO review that was recently completed) has endorsed the current approach where each Working Group determines the best tools for its work.

For purposes of Brian’s question, staff would like to suggest that the easiest and quickest way forward at this stage – given that the Working Group has already worked on the single Draft URS Discussion Document for some time – is for Working Group members to continue to send their suggestions and comments to the mailing list. In doing so, we request that you be specific about the section/column/row in the table that you are commenting on. Staff will collect all comments sent to the list and revert to the group with a proposal on how to either incorporate or handle them. In this regard, we note that we are already creating a “parking lot” document that is intended to be the repository for new suggestions (rather than comments on existing ones), so some suggestions received may be appropriate for placing there.

We hope this is useful.


Mary, Julie, Ariel and Berry

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Agree with Hector and Brian.  We could use Google Docs so that we have a single document, while still allowing the document itself to be edited.  This has worked well for a number of WGs and Subgroups.  Google Doc's "suggest" function is similar to "track changes" and will allow readers to zero in on the changes.


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   Thank you very much Mary and I agree with Brian.


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   Thanks Mary,

   Now that we’ve made progress on the high-level topics/questions in the far left column (as one example:  “C. THE RESPONSE: 1. Duration of response period 2. Other issues relating to Responses (other than issues relating to Defenses), e.g. Default procedures”) presumably there will be an opportunity to provide more specific input on column 3 (Headed:  “Suggested New Questions as of ICANN60 and those added at the meetings on 03 January 2018 and on 10 January 2018”).

   To facilitate that, would it make sense to send this document around in Word format, for ease of editing and exchange amongst the WG (rather than taking up time on a call to wordsmith)?

   Thanks, and hope I’m more or less on the right page in terms of where we are headed.


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   Hello everyone,

   Following up from the first action item from the Working Group call this past Wednesday, please find attached the updated draft URS Discussion Document. The document includes the suggestions made on the call for which no objections were received; staff has included notes on these in the table to facilitate your review of the discussion. Staff continues to work on the “parking lot” document that will contain all other suggestions made after the ICANN60 sessions and will circulate that when it is ready. We hope that both documents, along with the session and call recordings and transcripts, will reflect the Working Group’s deliberations to date on scoping a review of the URS.

   Thanks and cheers

   Mary, Julie, Ariel and Berry

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   Subject: [gnso-rpm-wg] Action Items from 10 January Working Group Call

   Dear all,

   The action items noted by staff from the Working Group call held on 10 January 2018 are as follows:

   1. Staff will update the Compilation of Current URS Discussion Documents based on the suggested edits from the 10 January meeting.

   2. Staff will work with the Co-Chairs to develop a historical timeline for development of the URS in the New gTLD Program.

   Staff will post to the wiki space the action items and notes.  Please note that these will be high-level notes and are not meant as a substitute for the transcript or recording.  The recording, transcript, Adobe Connect chat, and attendance records are posted on the wiki.

   Best regards,


   Julie Hedlund, Policy Director

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